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Mary Slaughter (F)
d. 1830

     Mary Slaughter married Jacob Brake, son of Johan Jacob Brake and Maria Elisabetha Kiefer. Mary Slaughter died in 1830 at Upshur Co., West Virginia. She was buried at Heavner Cemetery, Upshur Co., West Virginia.


Children of Mary Slaughter and Jacob Brake
Elizabeth Brake+ b. c 1781
Mary Magdaline Brake+ b. bt 1782 - 1783, d. 12 Mar 1866
Abraham W. Brake+ b. 24 Jul 1786, d. 1880
John B. Brake+ b. 15 Dec 1788, d. 8 Oct 1875
Leah Ann Brake+ b. 5 Mar 1795, d. 8 Mar 1835

William F. Slaybaugh (M)

     He married Rebecca Hummer. Lived in Centre Mills, Pennsylvania.


Anna Barbara Slaymaker1 (F)
b. 31 July 1745, d. 1 January 1790

     She married George LeFevre. Anna Barbara Slaymaker was born on 31 July 1745. She died on 1 January 1790 at age 44.


Children of Anna Barbara Slaymaker and George LeFevre
Elizabeth LeFevre+ b. 14 Jan 1762, d. 7 Feb 1835
Anne Barbara Lefevre+ b. 18 Sep 1780, d. 22 Aug 1850


  1. [S53] Dellinger - Kattermann, Donald F. Billet.

Mary Ann Sleeyer (F)
b. 1766, d. 1878

     Mary Ann Sleeyer was born in 1766 at York Co., Pennsylvania. She married George Frey. Mary Ann Sleeyer died in 1878.

Children of Mary Ann Sleeyer and George Frey
Frederick Frey
Enos Frey
Catherine Frey
Charles Frey b. 17 May 1801
George Frey+ b. 1810, d. 1885
Anna Mary Frey+ b. 27 Jul 1818, d. 13 Jan 1890
Leah Frey+ b. 5 Oct 1822, d. 11 Aug 1904

Philip Slifer (M)

     Philip Slifer married Elizabeth Voltz, daughter of Daniel Voltz and Magdalena Ruby, on 10 December 1811 at Montgomery Co., Ohio. Philip Slifer was buried at Slifer's Church Cemetery, Montgomery Co., Ohio.


Ann Elizabeth Slightom (F)

     Ann Elizabeth Slightom married Charles Cook. Ann Elizabeth Slightom died; Ann died at the age of 35 during child birth.


Child of Ann Elizabeth Slightom and Charles Cook
Nancy Jane Cook+

Henry Slinkard (M)

     His estate was probated; In Greene Co., Indiana, Mary Ann Dellinger filed a request to have Henry Slinkard pay support for his bastard child. Several years later, Henry Slinkard is in probate court taking guardianship of a female child, age 14, belonging to the deceased Mary Ann Snider.


Child of Henry Slinkard and Mary Ann Dellinger
(?) Dellinger

Daniel Slipher (M)

     Daniel Slipher married Sarah Pence, daughter of John Pence and Magdalena Ruby, at Montgomery Co., Ohio.


(?) Sloan (M)
b. 13 October 1849, d. 18 October 1849
Pop-up Pedigree

     (?) was born at Marshall Co., Mississippi, on 13 October 1849. He was the son of James Alexander Sloan Rev. and Sarah Ann Moffatt. (?) died on 18 October 1849 at Marshall Co., Mississippi, at age 0.

(?) Sloan (?)
Pop-up Pedigree

     (?) Sloan was the child of James Alexander Sloan Rev. and Sarah Ann Moffatt.


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