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James Dunceith Beckett (M)

     He married Florence M. (?).


Child of James Dunceith Beckett and Florence M. (?)
James Dunceith Beckett II+ b. 2 Jan 1917, d. 6 Dec 1976

James Dunceith Beckett II (M)
b. 2 January 1917, d. 6 December 1976
Pop-up Pedigree

     James was born at Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois, on 2 January 1917. He was the son of James Dunceith Beckett and Florence M. (?). James died on 6 December 1976 at Aiken, Aiken Co., South Carolina, at age 59. His body was interred in December 1976 at Charleston, Charleston Co., South Carolina.


(?) Beckwith (M)

     He married Susan Denton.


Alexander Bedel (M)

     Alexander Bedel married Jane Ballard, daughter of Reuben Ballard and Nancy Ball.


Child of Alexander Bedel and Jane Ballard
Nancy Rosamond Bedel+ b. 24 Mar 1862, d. 7 Jul 1929

Nancy Rosamond Bedel (F)
b. 24 March 1862, d. 7 July 1929
Pop-up Pedigree

     Nancy Rosamond Bedel was born on 24 March 1862. She was the daughter of Alexander Bedel and Jane Ballard. Nancy Rosamond Bedel married William Parker Carpenter. Nancy Rosamond Bedel died on 7 July 1929 at age 67.


Child of Nancy Rosamond Bedel and William Parker Carpenter
Amie Edith Carpenter b. 11 Jul 1893

Juel Blanch Bedford (F)
b. 8 August 1912

     Juel was born on 8 August 1912. She married Claude Leigh Clawson on 29 May 1931.


Child of Juel Blanch Bedford and Claude Leigh Clawson
Jack Russell Clawson+ b. 19 Nov 1933, d. 31 May 1979

Alfred Nobel Beebe (M)

     Alfred Nobel Beebe married Mary Olive Dellinger, daughter of John Andrew Randolph Dellinger and Matilda Amanda Needels, on 25 February 1875 at Ft. Scott, Bourbon Co., Kansas.


Child of Alfred Nobel Beebe and Mary Olive Dellinger
Eleanor Ida Beebe+ b. 30 Aug 1895, d. 9 Jan 1980

Eleanor Ida Beebe (F)
b. 30 August 1895, d. 9 January 1980
Pop-up Pedigree

     Eleanor Ida Beebe was born on 30 August 1895 at Alum Creek, Ohio. She was the daughter of Alfred Nobel Beebe and Mary Olive Dellinger. Eleanor Ida Beebe married Leon Herbert McReynolds on 4 April 1920. Eleanor Ida Beebe died on 9 January 1980 at Sierra Madre, Los Angeles Co., California, at age 84. She was buried in January 1980 at Greenlawn Cemetery, Columbus, Franklin Co., Ohio.


Child of Eleanor Ida Beebe and Leon Herbert McReynolds
Jeanne Marie McReynolds+ b. 21 Jul 1922, d. 7 Feb 2000

Alfred Beeching (M)

     He married Henrietta Mahin.


Mary Beedle1,2,3 (F)
b. circa 1852
Pop-up Pedigree

     Mary Beedle was born circa 1852 at Shenandoah Co., Virginia. She was the daughter of Samuel Beedle and Barbara (?).3 She married Lewis Dellinger at Shenandoah Co., Virginia, on 2 April 1877.

Child of Mary Beedle and Lewis Dellinger
Benjamin Dellinger+


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