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Nancy Smith (F)

     Nancy Smith married John Wesley Beal, son of Peter Beal and Sarah Painter.


Nancy A. Smith (F)
b. 6 November 1867, d. June 1931
Pop-up Pedigree

     Nancy A. Smith was born on 6 November 1867 at Tipton Co., Indiana. She was the daughter of John T. Smith and Elizabeth J. Butler. Nancy A. Smith married James Groover on 10 August 1885 at Madison Co., Indiana. Nancy A. Smith died in June 1931 at Indiana at age 63. She was buried in June 1931 at Elwood City Cemetery, Elwood, Madison Co., Indiana.


Nancy Agnes Smith (F)
b. 2 November 1806, d. 20 August 1881
Pop-up Pedigree

     She married James A. Faris Rev.. CENSUS: 1860 Indiana, Monroe Co., Perry Twp. lists the following family at dwelling # 1010: Nancy Faris, age 53, female, white, farmer, born in South Carolina; Thomas Faris, age 24, male, white, farmer, born in Indiana; Samuel Faris, age 22, male, white, farmer, born in Indiana; Daniel Faris, age 17, male, white, born in Indiana; Isaiah Faris, age 14, male, white, born in Indiana; Mary A. Faris, age 11, female, white, born in Indiana; Rebecca Wilson, age 76, female, white, born in South Carolina. BURIED: Covenanter Presbyterian Cemetery. Nancy was born at South Carolina on 2 November 1806. She was the daughter of David Smith and Sarah Neil. Nancy died on 20 August 1881 at age 74. Her body was interred in August 1881 at Bloomington, Monroe Co., Indiana.

Children of Nancy Agnes Smith and James A. Faris Rev.
Thomas N. Faris b. 28 Sep 1835, d. 26 Sep 1916
Samuel Faris b. 1838
Sarah Jane Faris b. 29 Aug 1840, d. 17 Sep 1842
Daniel Faris b. 1843
Isaiah Faris b. 1846
Mary A. Faris b. 1849

Nettie Smith (F)
d. 17 April 1888

     Nettie Smith married Alfred Bails, son of Elias Bails and Harriet Adams, on 21 October 1885. Nettie Smith died on 17 April 1888.


Child of Nettie Smith and Alfred Bails
Bessie Bails b. 1887, d. 1894

Nina May Smith1 (F)

     She married Horace Bahn.


Child of Nina May Smith and Horace Bahn
Margaret L. Bahn+ b. 12 Sep 1915


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Nora Bell Smith (F)
b. 1880, d. 25 September 1971

     She married John Rutherford Prugh. Nora was born in 1880. Nora died on 25 September 1971.

Child of Nora Bell Smith and John Rutherford Prugh
John Harold Prugh b. 17 Sep 1907, d. 31 May 1939

Norman Smith1 (M)
b. 1912, d. 1985

     He married Cora Minton. Norman was born in 1912. Norman died in 1985.


  1. [S50] Don & Jeanine Hartman, FamilyHart Web Page.

Norman L. Smith (M)

     Norman L. Smith married Beulah Lidy Smeltzer, daughter of Philip Daniel Smeltzer and Sarah Susan Leibhart.


Normand McDuffie Smith1 (M)
b. before 1850
Pop-up Pedigree

     Normand McDuffie Smith was born before 1850.1 He was the son of Thomas Smith and Louisa W. Strain.1



  1. [S33] Hill-Daniel Genealogy Web Page,

Oda Pearl Smith (F)
b. 23 September 1893, d. 8 February 1910
Pop-up Pedigree

     Oda Pearl Smith was born on 23 September 1893. She was the daughter of Peter Alphias Smith and Ida Florence Nicodemus. Oda Pearl Smith died on 8 February 1910 at age 16.


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