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Thomas W. Snider (M)
b. circa 1833
Pop-up Pedigree

     Thomas W. Snider was born circa 1833 at Augusta Co., Virginia. He was the son of Samuel B. Snider and Mary J. (?). Thomas W. Snider married Malinda Jane Shreve, daughter of Absolom Shreve and Levina (?), on 28 March 1868 at Upshur Co., West Virginia.


William J. Snider (M)
b. 5 October 1883, d. 10 July 1960
Pop-up Pedigree

     William J. Snider was born on 5 October 1883. He was the son of Jacob Snider and Mary Marwood. William J. Snider died on 10 July 1960 at age 76.


Washington Sniff1 (M)

     Washington Sniff married Eliza Bentley, daughter of Alfred Bentley and Mary "Polly" Mauk, on 5 October 1843 at Muskingum Co., Ohio.



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Sarah A. Snipes (F)
b. 17 March 1851, d. 20 October 1919

     Sarah A. Snipes was born on 17 March 1851. She married Sidney C. Franklin, son of Levi Chandler Franklin and Barbara Taylor, on 16 May 1874 at Mitchell Co., North Carolina. Sarah A. Snipes died on 20 October 1919 at age 68.


Elisha Little Snodgrass (M)

     Elisha Little Snodgrass married Mary Catherine Cox.


Child of Elisha Little Snodgrass and Mary Catherine Cox
Susan Josephine Snodgrass+ b. 7 Jan 1852, d. 24 Sep 1937

Marshal Snodgrass (M)
b. 8 March 1890, d. 25 December 1955

     Marshal was born at Madison Co., Indiana, on 8 March 1890. He married Nora Della Toney at Clinton Co., Indiana, on 25 December 1908. Marshal died on 25 December 1955 at Lizton, Hendricks Co., Indiana, at age 65. His body was interred in December 1955 at Frankfort, Clinton Co., Indiana.


Mary Rankin Snodgrass1,2 (F)

     She married John Loughmiller at Washington Co., Indiana, on 25 August 1833.



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  2. [S171] Sue Pearson Carpenter, "Descendants of Jurig Lochmiller".

Susan Josephine Snodgrass (F)
b. 7 January 1852, d. 24 September 1937
Pop-up Pedigree

     Susan Josephine Snodgrass was born on 7 January 1852 at Ritchie Co., Virginia. She was the daughter of Elisha Little Snodgrass and Mary Catherine Cox. Susan Josephine Snodgrass married Albert Rust Brake, son of Elmore Brake and Mary M. Loomis, on 14 February 1876 at Ritchie Co., West Virginia. Susan was listed as Albert Rust Brake's wife on the 1880 Census at Troy Twp., Gilmer Co., West Virginia. Susan was listed as Albert Rust Brake's wife on the 1920 Census at Auburn, Ritchie Co., West Virginia. Susan Josephine Snodgrass died on 24 September 1937 at Auburn, Ritchie Co., West Virginia, at age 85. She was buried in September 1937 at Heavner's Cemetery, Buckhannon, Upshur Co., West Virginia; Susan was originally buried in the Old Baptist Cemetery, however later her remains were reinterned in Heavner's Cemetery.


Children of Susan Josephine Snodgrass and Albert Rust Brake
Simone Brake b. c 1877
Elmore H. Brake b. c 1878
(?) Brake b. Sep 1879

Myrtle Viola Snook (F)
b. 18 October 1879, d. 11 December 1974

     Myrtle Viola Snook was born on 18 October 1879. She married John Nimrod Scott, son of Isaac Tasswell Scott and Malinda Jane Green, on 15 March 1900. Myrtle Viola Snook died on 11 December 1974 at Wann, Nowata Co., Oklahoma, at age 95. She was buried in December 1974 at Talala Cemetery, Talala, Rogers Co., Oklahoma.


Children of Myrtle Viola Snook and John Nimrod Scott
Lurindy Scott+ b. 1900, d. 15 Oct 1983
Inez Scott

Fannie Snow (F)

     She married Arthur Bingham Moffatt in 1878.


Children of Fannie Snow and Arthur Bingham Moffatt
George Snow Moffatt b. 21 Sep 1879
Helen Marion Moffatt b. 27 Jan 1882
Elbert M. Moffatt b. 30 Apr 1884
Charles Raymond Moffatt b. 5 May 1887

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