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Micina Bennett (F)

     Micina Bennett married Nimrod Wynn, son of Jonathan Wynn and Elizabeth (?), on 19 September 1843 at Decatur Co., Indiana.


Olive Bennett (F)

     She married William Pyle at Chester, Delaware Co., Pennsylvania, in 1707.


Oliver Bennett (M)

     He married Mary Wolf. Lived in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.


William Bennett (M)

     He married Lucretia (?) on 20 January 1848.


William Bennett (M)

     He married June Chesnut in 1861.

Nannie L. Bennington1 (F)
b. 1860, d. 1911

     Nannie was born in 1860. She married Crawford Beauchamp. Nannie died in 1911.


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Edwin W. Benson (M)

     He married Sarah Gertrude Harbison at Monroe Co., Indiana, on 23 June 1903.


Elizabeth Benson (F)

     Elizabeth Benson married Benjamin Chew, son of Samuel Chew and Ann Ayres, in 1692.

Child of Elizabeth Benson and Benjamin Chew
Samuel Chew+ b. 30 Aug 1699, d. 16 Jun 1744

Inez I. Benson (F)

     She married Andrew Jackson Wilson on 24 December 1934.


Lela Mae Benson (F)
b. 2 January 1886, d. 9 September 1973

     Her body was interred at Harristown, Macon Co., Illinois, at Harristown Cemetery. Lela was born at Latham, Illinois, on 2 January 1886. She married Ira Griffin Moffett on 12 January 1920. Lela died on 9 September 1973 at Decatur, Macon Co., Illinois, at age 87.

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