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Anthony Spengler Captain (M)
b. 29 December 1774, d. 29 June 1834
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     Anthony Spengler Captain was migration; Migrated from York Co., Pennsylvania to Virginia. He built a large brick residence on what was Mt. Prospect, with a mile of Strasburg, Virginia. The situation was well chosen. It gave a extended view of mountain, valley and river. The home was afterwards known as "Spengler Hall." He was a large landholder, a man of means and influence, and was highly respected in the community. He was a Ruling Elder in the Presbyterian church and lies buried with his wife and many of his children in the graveyard which surrounds the church, which he was largely instrumental in building, and where his name is still honored. Anthony was born at York Co., Pennsylvania, on 29 December 1774. He was the son of Philip Casper Spengler and Margaret Salome Dinkel. He married Catherine Kendrick on 27 February 1796. Anthony died on 29 June 1834 at Strasburg, Shenandoah Co., Virginia, at age 59.


Children of Anthony Spengler Captain and Catherine Kendrick
Abraham Spengler+ b. 26 Nov 1796, d. 1841
Anthony Spengler Jr. b. 1 Feb 1798, d. 18 Jul 1832
Christian Spengler+ b. 24 Mar 1799, d. 20 Apr 1851
Samuel Spengler+ b. 5 Jun 1800
Isaac Spengler b. 2 Jan 1802, d. 17 May 1914
Philip C. Spengler+ b. 18 Apr 1803
John Spengler Dr.+ b. 27 Oct 1804
Elizabeth Spengler+ b. 19 Jan 1807, d. 29 Jun 1884
Benjamin Spengler b. 19 Jan 1807
Amos B. Spengler+ b. 8 Apr 1809, d. 29 Jun 1879
Daniel Spengler b. 22 Dec 1810
Cyrus Spengler+ b. 10 Aug 1816, d. Dec 1890
Clarinda Spengler+ b. 3 Feb 1818, d. 13 May 1851

Anthony Spengler Jr. (M)
b. 1 February 1798, d. 18 July 1832
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     Anthony was born on 1 February 1798. He was the son of Anthony Spengler Captain and Catherine Kendrick. He married Ann Steward at South Carolina on 27 July 1830. Anthony died on 18 July 1832 at age 34.

Anton Spengler (M)
b. 1486, d. 1495
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     Anton was born in 1486. He was the son of George Spengler and Agnes Ulmer. Anton died in 1495.

August Spengler (M)
b. 1663, d. 1730
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     He married Magdelena Laubin. August was born in 1663. He was the son of Christoph Spengler and Anna Richteren. August died in 1730.

Children of August Spengler and Magdelena Laubin
(?) Spengler
Anna Magdelena Spengler d. 1738
Johanna Maria Spengler d. 1739
Maria Sophia Spengler

Baltzer Spengler Jr. (M)
b. 16 April 1735, d. 1 August 1798
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     He succeeded his father as an innkeeper at the Black Horse Inn, two doors west of the Court House Square. Baltzer and his brother Rudolf were original members of the Sun Fire Company of York, formed in January, 1771. Compared with present methods and appliances for extinguishing fires, the old bucket brigades, military in drill, and the primitive apparatus, were unique and picturesque. Baltzer served in the Pennsylvania Militia during the American Revolutionary War. "We do admit George Eichelberger, Michael Hahn, Baltzer Spangler, Rudy Spangler, and Geo. Stake to raise a Company of Militia in York Town, as soon as thirty have signed to chuse officers of the Company, the said Company to be a part of the first Battalion, and we direct the said Company to be raised - provided that they take no Person in that Company who may have signed the last association in Captain Lukens or Captain Irwins Companies - as witness our Hands this 27th Day of December 1775 Jas. Smith Col. Batt. Thos. Hartley, L't Coll Mich'l. Swoope Major Joseph Donaldson Major We the Subscribers do hereby associate as a Company in the first Battalion of York County Militia as soon as thirty have signed, a Captain two Lieuttenants and two ensigns to be chosen - and we do hereby promise and engage to comply with and adhere to the Regulations Articles and Resolutions of the Assembly of the Province entered into for the Government of the Associators of Pennsylvania, which said Regulations are to be annexed to the Association and to be binding. As witness our Hands this 27th Day of December 1775. Capt. George Eichelberger 1 Lt. Mich'l Hahn 2 Lt. Baltzer Spengler Jacob Eichinger, ab. Anthony Ritz Michael Graybill George Moul Nicholas Bernhard Jacob Schreiber, ab. Samuel Nelson Jacob Durang, ab. Johannes Kunckel, ab. Lodwig Hetick Johannes Wolff, ab. Georg Flarar, ab. James Warley, ab. George Geesey, ab. Henry Zimmerman Caspar Muller, ab. Lorentz Schmahl, ab. Jos. Bonde Jacob Schenck Jacob Schneider, ab. John Maguire, ab. Jacob Rudisill Jun, ab. Finken Imfelt Michael Kopenhover Jacob Miller, ab. James Jones Michal Weider Jacob Funk Nicholas Upp. Michal Ruger George Spangler Jacob Schram, ab. Michael Welsh Johannes Flender Martin Brenneiser Peter James Clerck, ab. George Craff Rudolph Spengler Henrich Rauch, ab. Johannes Welsh, ab. John Fisher James McCullagh Johannes Pick, ab. Stophel Shelley Georg Fritzlen, ab. Lutwig Weisang George Myer Frederick Youce Jacob Neuman On the adjoining page of the above document are the additional names: Frederick Aderholdt, John Rose, John Water and Christian Slagle. The Sergeants were; Bonde, Youce, Moul and Hedick; Corporals: Ritz, Funch, Neuman and Brenneiser. In the following year, 1776, Baltzer Spengler, Jr. was elected 1st Lieutenant of the Fourth Company, George Michael Spengler, Ensign; Christian Stake 1st Lieutenant of the Fifth Company and Rudolph Spengler, brother of Baltzer, Jr., Captain of the Sixth Company. These companie constituted a portion of the five battalions that marched to New Jersey in 1776 to form the "Flying Camp." Baltzer Spengler, Jr., was one of the Committee of "Freeholders and Inhabitants" of Yorktown, organized December 16, 1774, for the purpose of procurring "the earliest intelligence of any material transactions" concerning the English oppression of their compatriots in Boston. They devised measures for raising a fund to defray the expense of communication intelligence and alleviating the wants of the poor at Boston. This committee, upon the outbreak of the Revolutionary War, was known as the "Committee of Safety," and rendered most invaluable and effective services in raising and arming troops in the cause of American independence; for, as Col. Thomas Hartley said, "the York District had armed the first in Pennsylvania and had furnished more men for the war and lost a greater number of men in it than any other District on the Continent of the same number of inhabitants." Baltzer Spengler, Jr., was 2nd Lieutenant of Captain George Eichelberger's Company in 1775, known as the Fourth Company. York was not incorporated during the first forty-six years after it was laid out. On the 24th of September, 1787, it was charted as the "Borough of York," and Baltzer Spengler was one of the first assistant Burgesses after the incorporation. President George Washington visited York on July 2, 1791. He met by a delegation from York that included; Gen. Henry Miller, Major John Clark, Col. Thomas Hartley, Lieut. Colonels David Grier and John Hay and Hon. James Smith. Washington was quartered at the inn run by Baltzer Spengler, Jr., two houses west of Court House Square. Baltzer was born at York, York Co., Pennsylvania, on 16 April 1735. He was the son of Johan Balthasar Spengler and Mary Magdelena Ritter. He married Christina Messerschmidt. Baltzer died on 1 August 1798 at York Co., Pennsylvania, at age 63. His body was interred in August 1798 at York Co., Pennsylvania. The inscription on his tombstone in German reads,

"Zum Andenken Des Baltzer Spengler's Der Ein Zartlicher Gatte Ein Nachsichtsvoller Vater Ein Gutter Burger Gewesen Und Den 1st August 1798 Im 64ten. Jahr Seines Alters Gestorben Ist."

The translation reads as: In Memory of Baltzer Spengler He was an Affectionate Husband An Indulgent Father A Good Citizen And Who Died the 1st of August 1798 In the 64th Year of His Age..


Children of Baltzer Spengler Jr. and Christina Messerschmidt
Daniel Spangler+ b. 20 Nov 1761, d. 11 Feb 1813
Maria Elizabeth Spangler+ b. 20 May 1763
Maria Magdalena Spangler+ b. 31 Jan 1768, d. 27 Jul 1831
John Spangler Dr.+ b. 3 Jul 1770, d. 22 Jul 1831
Samuel Spangler+ b. 2 Aug 1773, d. 28 Jun 1839
Jacob Spangler b. 3 Jan 1776, d. 1813
George Spangler b. 5 Aug 1778, d. 23 Apr 1823
Anna Maria "Polly" Spangler b. 7 Apr 1783, d. 28 Jun 1858

Barbara Spengler (F)
d. 1629
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     Barbara Spengler was the daughter of Paul Spengler and Dorthea Lichtenthak. Barbara died in 1629.

Benjamin Spengler (M)
b. 19 January 1807
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     Twin of his sister, Elizabeth Spengler. Benjamin died at Bath Alum Spring, Bath Co., Virginia. Benjamin was born on 19 January 1807. He was the son of Anthony Spengler Captain and Catherine Kendrick.

Berhard Spengler1 (M)
b. 3 September 1719, d. 1804
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     Berhard was born at Weyler, Heidelberg, Baden, Germany, on 3 September 1719. He was the son of Hans Kaspar Spengler and Judith Ziegler. He married Anna Margaretha Brauna at Pennsylvania in 1740. He resided at York Co., Pennsylvania,. Lived on the plantation of 326 1/2 acres which his father acquired by occupation and improvement, in 1728 and which was later patented to him. This land was later owned by Daniel Kohr and sons, and others, and is one and half miles northeast of York. In prospecting this section the attention of Bernhard and his father were arrested by the magnificent timber, the trees being as straight as arrows and of extraordinary height and circumference. Here Berhard determined to settle, and immediately began the construction of the settler's log house. What was unbroken forest in 1728, became open farm land be the late 1800's. Later in life and prior to 1780, Bernhard purchased the lot and house, No. 172 on the north side of West Philadelphia Street in York. This home later was owned by a J.W. Buckingham and Mrs. John Palmtag. Bernhard died in this home in 1804 at the age of 85. He petitioned the court to become a citizen at Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., Pennsylvania, on 24 September 1762. Berhard died in 1804 at York Co., Pennsylvania. His body was interred in 1804 at York Co., Pennsylvania.


Children of Berhard Spengler and Anna Margaretha Brauna
Jonas Spangler+ b. 10 May 1741, d. 19 Sep 1821
Rudolph Spangler+ b. 10 May 1748, d. 4 Jan 1816
Judith Spengler+ b. 1 Sep 1754, d. b 1806
Henry Spangler b. 29 Jan 1758, d. 2 Apr 1758
Anna Maria Spengler+ b. 19 Feb 1760, d. 1804
Casper Spangler+ b. 10 Oct 1766, d. 1804
Maria Margaretha Spengler+ b. 27 Nov 1768, d. 6 Mar 1846


  1. [S95] Spangler Family Genealogy, Fillmore K. Spangler III.

Bernhard Spengler (M)
b. 5 January 1756, d. 10 March 1828
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     His body was interred at Paradise Twp., York Co., Pennsylvania. Served with the Seventh Company, Seventh Battalion, York County Militia during the American Revolution. In 1789 he was assessed 220 acres of land, 2 horses and 3 cows. BURIED: Pigeon Hill Cemetery, his gravestone, in German, reads: Freundes, stellt das weinen ein, Wischt die tranen von den wangeu; Was soll euch das plagen sein Dass ich von euch weggegangen? Trauert nicht an meinen tod, Ich bin frey von aller noth. Translation is: Friends, cease now your weeping, Wipe from your cheeks the tears; Why should this your sorrow be That I from you have gone away? Mourn not by reason of my death, I am free from all my care. He married Elizabeth (?). Bernhard was born on 5 January 1756. He was the son of Rudolph Spengler and Barbara (?). Bernhard died on 10 March 1828 at Jackson Twp., York Co., Pennsylvania, at age 72.

Children of Bernhard Spengler and Elizabeth (?)
Daniel Spangler+ b. 7 Sep 1787, d. 13 Sep 1850
Barbara Spangler b. 13 Nov 1791, d. b 1896
Elizabeth Spangler+ b. 24 Dec 1793, d. 25 Dec 1853
John Spangler+ b. 26 Dec 1796, d. 25 Jan 1872
Jacob Spangler+ b. 28 Apr 1803, d. 1893

Blanche Spengler (F)
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     Blanche Spengler was the daughter of David Morris Spengler and Virginia Balthis.


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