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My Family Tree - Person Page 5515

My Family Tree
Climbing the branches of my family tree
Person Page 5515

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Catherine Spengler (F)
d. 1599
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     Catherine Spengler was the daughter of Lazurus Spengler and Bertrand Geroldin. Catherine died in 1599.

Catherine Spengler (F)
b. 1552, d. 1623
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     Catherine was born in 1552. She was the daughter of Frantz Spengler. Catherine died in 1623.

Catherine Spengler (F)
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     Catherine Spengler was the daughter of Rudolph Spengler and Barbara (?). Catherine died at Dover Twp., York Co., Pennsylvania. She married George Kann.


Children of Catherine Spengler and George Kann
Henry Kann+
Michael Kann+
John Kann
George Kann
Mary Kann+
Catherine Kann
Barbara Kann+
Jacob Kann+ b. 24 May 1796, d. 13 Jan 1877

Catherine Spengler (F)
b. 16 March 1794, d. 31 January 1875
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     Catherine was born on 16 March 1794. She was the daughter of Johann Philip Spengler Colonel and Rebecca Stover. She married George F. Hupp on 22 December 1814. Catherine died on 31 January 1875 at age 80.

Children of Catherine Spengler and George F. Hupp
John Spangler Hupp
Elizabeth M. Hupp+
Frances Catherine Hupp+
George F. Hupp Jr.+
Ann Regina Hupp+
Joseph S. Hupp
Philip Martin Hupp
Sarah Jane Hupp

Charles B. Spengler (M)

     He married Columbia Spengler.


Children of Charles B. Spengler and Columbia Spengler
Virginia Spengler
Hugh Spengler

Charlotte Spengler (F)
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     Charlotte Spengler was the daughter of Abraham Spengler and Rebecca Wycke. She married William Graham.


Christian Spengler (M)
b. 24 March 1799, d. 20 April 1851
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     He owned a mill and land near Strasburg, Virginia. He married Susan Hoffman. Christian was born on 24 March 1799. He was the son of Anthony Spengler Captain and Catherine Kendrick. Christian died on 20 April 1851 at age 52.

Children of Christian Spengler and Susan Hoffman
Peter Anthony Spengler+
Abram Spengler General+ d. 1893
Lucy Spengler+
Mary C. Spengler+
George Madison Spengler+

Christianna Spengler (F)
b. circa 1734, d. circa 1782
Pop-up Pedigree

     Christianna Spengler was born circa 1734 at Pennsylvania. She was the daughter of Jorg Heinrich Spengler and Susanna Muller. She married George Diehl at York Co., Pennsylvania, on 30 May 1758. Christianna Spengler died circa 1782 at York, York Co., Pennsylvania.


Children of Christianna Spengler and George Diehl
Susanna Diehl+ b. c 1759, d. c 1820
Peter Diehl Sr.+ b. 12 Oct 1760, d. Feb 1827
John Adam Diehl b. 28 Jan 1763, d. c 1783
Eva Margaret Diehl b. 28 Jun 1765, d. c 1783
Nicholas Diehl b. c 1768, d. b 1896
John George Diehl b. c 1770, d. 15 Jul 1797
Mary Magdalena Diehl b. 23 Feb 1774

Christina Spengler (F)
b. 11 March 1784, d. 26 June 1871
Pop-up Pedigree

     Christina was born at Alsace Twp., Berks Co., Pennsylvania, on 11 March 1784. She was the daughter of John Peter Spengler and Anna Maria Boyer. She married John A. Reichelderfer at Berks Co., Pennsylvania. Christina died on 26 June 1871 at Pickaway Co., Ohio, at age 87.


Christoph Spengler (M)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Christoph Spengler was the son of Paul Spengler and Dorthea Lichtenthak.

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