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John Jett Spengler (M)
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     John Jett Spengler was the son of Cyrus Spengler and Catherine Redman. Lived in Baltimore, Maryland.

John Peter Spengler (M)
b. 8 August 1742, d. 20 June 1808
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     John was born at Alsace Twp., Berks Co., Pennsylvania, on 8 August 1742. He was the son of George Christopher Stophell Spangler and Anna Catherine Reiffle. He married Anna Maria Boyer at Alsace Twp., Berks Co., Pennsylvania, on 1 October 1759. John died on 20 June 1808 at Tarlton, Pickaway Co., Ohio, at age 65.


Children of John Peter Spengler and Anna Maria Boyer
Anna Maria Spengler b. 25 Dec 1760
Johan Peter Spengler b. 4 Dec 1762, d. 1810
Anna Catherina Spengler b. 27 Sep 1765
Maria Magdalena Spengler b. 13 Sep 1767
Johan Jacob Spengler+ b. 14 Jan 1771, d. 7 Jan 1831
Johannes Spengler b. 20 Nov 1773
John Henry Spengler b. 22 Jan 1777, d. 20 Mar 1853
Johan George Spengler b. 11 Jul 1781, d. 10 Apr 1861
Christina Spengler b. 11 Mar 1784, d. 26 Jun 1871

Jonas Spengler1 (M)
b. 26 May 1715, d. 1762
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     Jonas was born at Weyler, Heidelberg, Baden, Germany, on 26 May 1715. He was the son of Hans Kaspar Spengler and Judith Ziegler. He married Maria Stinia Kindigen. Jonas died in 1762 at Jackson Twp., York Co., Pennsylvania. His body was interred in 1762 at Paradise Twp., York Co., Pennsylvania, at Pigeon Hill Cemetery.


Children of Jonas Spengler and Maria Stinia Kindigen
Catherine Spangler+ b. c 1743
Anna Mary Spangler b. c 1745, d. 2 May 1784
Major Joseph Spangler+ b. 1745, d. 1802
Bernhard Spangler+ b. 30 Sep 1745, d. 1802
Judith Spangler b. b 1750
Henry Spangler+ b. 1750, d. 1791
Eve Spangler+ b. c 1750
Rudolph Spangler+ b. 1752, d. 17 Aug 1830


  1. [S95] Spangler Family Genealogy, Fillmore K. Spangler III.

Jorg Heinrich Spengler (M)
b. 8 June 1704, d. 6 July 1776
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     He settled in York Co., Pennsylvania in 1732. Jorg Heinrich (or Henry) Spengler came to America he provided the following letter of recommendation, certificate and passport. Henry Spengler's Certificate and Credentials, 1725 (Translation) "Linen-weaver Apprentice-attest for George Heinrich Spengler of Weyler Under Steinsberg. We, Wolffgang Weisenbronn & Johannes Pausser, appointed masters of an honorable Guild of linen weavers in Hillspach county of Mossbach in the Palatinate, hereby publicly make known to everybody whenever this letter may be read or heard, that the bearer of same, the honorable and modest George Henry Spengler, a native of Weyler under Steinsberg, made known to us that he had learned regularly and in agreement with the rules of the guild the trade of linen-weaving with our fellow master and craftsman at the aforesaid Weyler, Caspar Spengler, also that he had served out his time and therefore asked for an accredited certificate which he could make use of on future occasions. Since we cannot refuse him this just petition, we therefore hereby certify that the said George Henry Spengler has learned his trade of linen-weaving with our beloved fellow-master and craftsman, Caspar Spengler at Weyler under Stainsberg, during a period of three years in accordance with the rule of the guild, beginning on candlemas (2nd of February) 1722 and should have ended at the same time 1725. On account of his diligence and good behavior, however, the time has been shortened by a half year, so that he was an apprentice fully two and one half years -- we guild masters and also the undersigned associate-masters being present at both the binding and the releasing act; he also conducted himself during said time towards everybody in a manner becoming to an honor-loving apprentice, being diligent, upright, faithful, pious, honest, wherefore we, and especially I, his trade master (who taught him his trade) were highly pleased with him and can say only good and pleasant things about him. It is also with our knowledge and consent that he without any bad reputation now goes away journeying, for which reason we gladly give him this testimony and certificate. We accordingly respectfully ask everybody, of whatsoever station, honor or dignity they may be, but especially our fellow-craftsmen of the guild of linen weavers, to whom the oft-mentioned George Henry Spengler may come, to do him every favor and aid him in every way possible on account of his good behavior and because of his having learned his trade thoroughly, and thus enable him to enjoy the full benefit of this our intercession. To return similar favors on such and all other occasions we declare ourselves heartily willing. In testimony whereof we, masters of the guild and associate masters, have hereunto affixed our own signatures and the common seal of the guild. Done at Sinsheim the 3rd day of July in the year of our Lord 1725. We the undersigned guild masters: Hans Wolff Wissenbrunn Hans Pausser [Seal of the Guild] Associate-masters Hans Werrichstock Hans George Bainerd Caspar Spengler, as Trade Master." The signature of Caspar Spengler to the above is identical wth Caspar Spengler's signature to his last will filed in the Register's office of York Co., Pennsylvania in 1760. Henry Spengler's Passport (Translation) "The Court of His Excellency the Elector of the Palatinate, at Dilsperg. I, Franciscus Josephus Wieden, hereby make known to everybody, that Henry Spengler, for the past two years a resident of Meckersheim, appeared at this office and gave due notice of his intention to leave the Palatinate, and in hope of better fortune to emigrate to the new country or the so-called island of Pennsylvania, and that he, therefore, needed an official certificate of his legitimate birth and upright living for an unmolested journey. Since now the said Henry Spengler not only has been granted emigrandi venia, (permission to emigrate), but also before obtaining this official attest and passport, duly paid all his taxes; therefore it became my official duty to bear record and certify in this open letter that the said Henry Spengler, together with his lawful wife Susanna were born of and raised by honorable parents; also during the time of their residence in the borough of Meckershelm they carefully met all the governmental requirements made upon them and conducted themselves toward everybody peaceably, honorably and faithfully in such a manner that never once has a single complaint been brought against them at this office, so that for this reason he together with his family would gladly have been suffered t remain in the Palatinate, had he not himself of his own accord, spe melioris fortune (in hope of better fortune) asked permission to emigrate. Therefore the said Henry Spengler, is respectfully recommended to the kind consideration and aid of everybody who may get to read this, that he, as coming from a - thank God - healthy, uninfested place, may in his journey everywhere have free and safe passage, all of which we on our part declare ourselves in duty bound and willing to reciprocate on every occasion. Signatum Dilsperg the 28th of April, 1732 Seal: Francis Joseph Wieden F.J. Wieden" He was naturalized April 11, 1763, having taken the Sacrement as required by law. He probably first settled in 1732, in Heidelberg Twp., now Adams Co., near the Blue Mountains, where his daughter Susanna was born in 1735. He soon after moved to a tract of land, in the southern suburbs of York. A license dated October 30, 1736, was granted to an English speculator, Michael Wallack for 250 acres of land in the Manor of Springettsbury,then in Lancaster Co., now in York Co.. On August 6, 1746 Wallack conveyed 165 acres of the above tract to Henry Spengler. A warrant for the same was issued from the land office to Henry Spengler, April 14, 1767, in which it was designated as "Spengler's Rest" and patented May 2, 1768. Henry Spengler later devised this tract of land to his son John George Spengler. Will of Henry Spengler "In the Name of God, - Amen. I, Henry Spengler of York Township in the County of York and Province of Pennsylvania, Farmer being at present in a Good state of Health in Body and far advanced in Years tho of sound Disposing mind Memory and understanding (Blessed be God for the same) and sensable of the uncertainty of this Transitory Life on earth and that all flesh must Yield to Death when it shall please Almighty God to call and in order to settle and Dispose of my Temporal Estate Lands Tenements Goods and Chattels wherewith it hath pleased God to enrich me, Do make Ordain Constitute and Declare this to be my Last Will and Testametn in manner following revoking and Disannulling all and every other Will and Testament by me at any time heretofore made or Declared either by Word or Writing. And first being Penitent and Hartily Sorry from the bottom of my Heart for all my Sins and Transgressions most Humbly Desiring forgiviness for the same, I Give and commit my Soul into Almighty God my Blessed Savour and Redeemer in whom and by the Merit of Jesus Christ I Trust and believe assuredly to be saved and have full Remission and forgiveness of all my Sins and that my Soul at the General Day of Resurrection shall rise again with God and thro the Merits of Christ Death Prossess and enjoy the Kingdom of Heaven prepared for his elect and Chosen. And my body I order to be Buried in a Christian like and Decent manner and in such place where it shall Please my Executors herein after Named to appoint. And as to my Temporal Estate Lands Tenements Goods and Chattels and Debts whereof I am Possessd as aforesaid I Order Give Devise and Dispose of the same to manner and form following (that is to say), I Will Order and Direct that all those Debts Duties or Sums of Money which I owe in Right or conscience to any manner of Person or Persons whatsoever shall be paid by my Executor herin-after mentioned or as the same can be raised or Levied out of my Estate after my decease. Item, I Give and Bequeath unto Susanna my Dearly beloved Wife (in case she Survive me) the Sum of fourty Pounds Lawful Money of Pennsylvania to be paid her by my Son John George Spengler out of the Legacy to him herein after Devised in four equal Payments (to wit) Ten Pounds part thereof one Year after my decease, and Ten Pounds Yearly until the whole is paid. I also Give and Bequeath unto her my Said Wife Susanna the Sum of Ten Pounds Lawful Money of Pennsylvania to be paid her out of the Money in the House Immediately after my decease. Also the feather Bed Bed Cloths Bed-Stead wherein we now lie four Sheets four Table Cloaths one Iron Pott one Copper Kettle two Pewter Bassons two Pewter Plates two Pewter Spoons one Frying Pann the Table in the House one Pewter Quoart with a Lid One Churn one Lamp two Pails one Iron Lafle one Skimmer one flesh fork one Large Washing Tub two Barrels one Heckle one Large Prayer Book one Psalm Book one Winegar Cask one Spade one Garden Hoe one Dough Trough two Hand Towels two Bags one Cabbage Tub four Bread Baskets one Spinning Wheel and Reel one Pepper Mill six Earthen Potts one Cow which she shall Choose and two Sheep. I Also Give and allow unto my said Wife Susanna Liberty to live in this my Dwelling House with my Son George During her life and the use of one fourth part of the Garden and also three Roes of Apple Trees which she shall Choose every Year and if my said wife Susanna should not Choose to live in this my Dwelling House he my said son John George is to repair the other House in this my Dwelling Place for her use And I do also Will and Order that in case the Cow devised to my Wife should happen to Die he my said Son John George shall find another for her use during her Life and feed the said Cow and sheep. And that he my said John George find and provide for my wife Susanna and Deliver at er Door a Sufficient Quantity of Fire Wood During her life and that he also give and Provide for her Yearly and every Year During her Life one Hundred Weight of Pork Ten Bushels of Wheat Six Bushels of Rie Ten Pounds of flax one pair of Shoes and a half a Bushel of Salt and that he make Cider of her Apples if she Chooses to have it Done and that she shall have Liberty of the Cellar on this my Plantation. Item, I give and Bequeath unto Henry Spengler and Elizabeth Spengler the Children of my son Rudolph Spenger, deceased, the sum of Three Pounds each in full for their Share of my Estate Real and Personal. I having heretofore suffucuently Provided for their father in his lifetime to be paid by my Executors in one Year after my Decease to their Guardian out of my Estate. Item, I Give and Bequeath unto my Daughter Christiana Intermarried with George Dihl the Sum of One Hundred Pounds Lawful Money of Pennsylvania to be paid out of my Estate by my Executor in One Year after my Decease I having also heretofore advanced to them. Item I Give and Bequeath unto my Daughter Susanna the Sum of One Hundred and Thirty Pounds Lawful Money of Pennsylvania Eighty Five Pounds part thereof to be paid by my Executors out of my Estate in one Year after my Decease and forty five Pounds the residue thereof by my said Son John George out of Legacies herin after to him Devised in three payments (to wit) fifteen Pounds part thereof in one Year after my Decease and fifteen Pounds untill the whole is paid I Also Give and Bequeath unto her my Said Daughter Susanna the feather Bed Bedstead and Bed Cloths wherein she Lied and two Cows one Heffer and two Sheep. Item I Give and Bequeath unto my said Son John George Spengle All my Plantation and Tract of Land whereon I now Live with all and singular the Houses Barns Stables and appurtenances thereunto belonging containing One Hundred and Sixty Five Acres be the same more or less To Have and to Hold to him my said John George his heirsand Assigns forever he paying thereout the several Sums of Money herein before particularly mentioned and performing the several Articles herein before mentioned to be made done paid and given unto my said Wife Susanna. Item I Also Give and Bequeath unto my said Son John George Spengler One Wagon two Horses his Choice of all my Horses and all the Gears thereto belonging one Harrow one Plow one Lock Chain one Cow one Sheep the Clock in the House the Bed Bed-stead Bed Cloths wherein he now Lies the Large House Bible the Wind Mill Apple Mill and Cutting Box. Item it is my Will and I do order that all the Rest Residue and remainder of my Estate real or Personal whatsoever not herein before Disposed of after Deducing all funeral Charges and Expenses of Adminstration shall be Divided in Six eaquil Shares and Three eaquil Shares thereof I Give and Bequeath unto my said Wife Susanna and one other of the Said Six eaquil Shares unto my Daughter Christiana Intermarried with George Dihl one other of the Said Six eaquil Shares unto my Daughter Susanna and the other Sixth eaquil Part to my said Son John George Spengler. And Lastly. I Do hereby Nominate and appoint my Trusty and well beloved Friend John Bushong and Stephen Lowman and my Son John George Spengler and the Survivor or Survivors of the Executors of this my last Last Will and Testament to see the same performed accordig to the True intent and meaning thereof. In Witness Whereof I have hereunto Set my Hand and Seal this Twenty fifth Day of February in the Year of our Lord one thousand Seven hundred and Seventy Three. Heinrich Spengler [Seal] Signed Sealed Publishe Pronounced and Declared by the Said Henry Spengler as and for his Last Will and Testament in the Presence of us who have Subscribed our Names as Witnesses to Same in his presence at his request Baltzer Spengler George Weller Henry Miller York County S.S. Before me Samuel Johnston Esquire Deputy Register for the Probate of Wills and granting Letters of Administration in and for the County of York in the Province of Pennsylvania personally appeared Baltzer Spengler and George Weller two of the Subscribing Witnesses to the Within Instrument of writing and the said Baltzer Spengler on his solemn oath taken on the Holy Evangelists of Almighty God and the said George Weller on his Solemn Affirmation taken according to Law he conscientiously scrupleing the taking of an oath Do severally say that they were personally present and saw and heard Henry Spengler within mentioned Sign Seal publish and Declare the within Instrument of Writing asand for his Last Will and Testament and at the time of the doing thereof the said Henry Spengler was of sound and disposing Mind and Memory to the best of these names as witnesses to the same respectively in the presense of the said Testator and at his request and also say That Henry Miller the other subscribing witness was also present at the same time and signed his name to the same as a witness in like manner. Sworn by the said Baltzer Spengler Baltzer Spengler and Gorg Weller affirmed by the said George Weller & subscribed before me at York this 9th Day of July 1776 Sam'l Johnston, Dep. Regr." Baltzer Spengler, the subscribing witness, was Baltzer Spenlger, Jr., a nephew of the testator. Jorg was born at Weyler, Heidelberg, Baden, Germany, on 8 June 1704. He was the son of Hans Rudolph Spengler and Marie Saeger. He married Susanna Muller at Weyler, Heidelberg, Baden, Germany, on 17 January 1730. Jorg died on 6 July 1776 at York Co., Pennsylvania, at age 72. His body was interred on 7 July 1776 at York Co., Pennsylvania.


Children of Jorg Heinrich Spengler and Susanna Muller
Henry Spengler b. 27 Nov 1732, d. c 1776
Christianna Spengler+ b. c 1734, d. c 1782
Susanna Spengler b. 14 May 1735, d. 29 Nov 1809
Rudolph Spengler+ b. c 1739, d. b 1773
John George Spengler b. c 1740, d. 15 Jul 1797

Joseph Henry Spengler (M)
b. 1834, d. 1894
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     Died in the winter of 1894 at the age of 60. He married an unknown person . Joseph was born in 1834. He was the son of John Spengler Dr. and Margaret Russell. Joseph died in 1894.

Child of Joseph Henry Spengler
Amanda Spengler

Joseph Stover Spengler (M)
b. 13 November 1790, d. 15 December 1876
Pop-up Pedigree

     He was educated at Dickinson College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. He served for many years as a Justice of the Peace and Sheriff of Shenandoah Co., Virginia. He also served in the Virginia State Legislature. He inherited a large landed estate, and was educated for the bar, but preferred agriculture. When he died he owned but a thousand acres, and that was under execution, not for his own debts, for he owed not a dollar, but rather he was a surety for a host of friends and they left him to pay their debts. He was eminently moral, drank neither liquor nor wine, and never used tobacco. He was noted for his integrity and benevolence - a friend indeed to the poor. He married Mary Smith. He married Elizabeth Hurn. Joseph was born at Strasburg, Shenandoah Co., Virginia, on 13 November 1790. He was the son of Johann Philip Spengler Colonel and Rebecca Stover. Joseph died on 15 December 1876 at Strasburg, Shenandoah Co., Virginia, at age 86.

Children of Joseph Stover Spengler and Mary Smith
Vienna Spengler+ d. 16 Aug 1893
Reginia V. Spengler+ d. 20 Mar 1891
George P. Spengler d. b 1896
Richard H. Spengler
Mary S. Spengler+ d. 16 Nov 1893
Philip Anthony Spengler
Elizabeth C. Spengler+
Anna C. Spengler+ d. 2 Jan 1889
Margaret Spengler
David Morris Spengler+
Daniel Hupp Spengler+
Abraham Stickley Spengler d. 21 Jul 1861
Samuel Franklin Spengler d. 6 Sep 1862
Frances E. Spengler+
Isaac M. Spengler b. c 1840, d. 1858

Judith Spengler1,2,3 (F)
b. 1 September 1754, d. before 1806
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     Judith was born at York Co., Pennsylvania, on 1 September 1754. She was the daughter of Berhard Spengler and Anna Margaretha Brauna. She married Johan Heinrich "Henry" Rudisill at First Trinity Reformed Church, York, York Co., Pennsylvania, on 27 May 1781. Judith died before 1806 at Pennsylvania.


Children of Judith Spengler and Johan Heinrich "Henry" Rudisill
Anna Marie Rudisill
Anna Margaret Rudisill
Catherine Rudisill
Lydia Rudisill
Elizabeth Rudisill
Michael Rudisill
Henry Rudisill
Jacob Rudisill
Susan Rudisill b. 1788


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Judith Spengler (F)
b. circa 1728, d. circa 1810
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     Judith was born at York Co., Pennsylvania, circa 1728. She was the daughter of Hans Kaspar Spengler and Judith Ziegler. She married Henry Baker. She married Jacob Eichinger at York Co., Pennsylvania, on 25 March 1766. Judith died circa 1810 at Pennsylvania.


Children of Judith Spengler and Henry Baker
Mary Baker
Eva Baker
Catherine Baker

Julia Spengler (F)
b. 1546, d. 1610
Pop-up Pedigree

     Julia was born in 1546. She was the daughter of Frantz Spengler. She married Hans Meichaner in 1569. Julia died in 1610.

Justina Spengler (F)
b. 1598
Pop-up Pedigree

     Justina was born in 1598. She was the daughter of Lazurus Spengler and Bertrand Geroldin.

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