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Nancy Agnes Springs (F)

     Nancy Agnes Springs married Peter Stiver.


Child of Nancy Agnes Springs and Peter Stiver
Susan Stiver+ b. 1823, d. 9 Jul 1864

Mary M. Sproull (F)

     She married Charles A. Trumbull.

Child of Mary M. Sproull and Charles A. Trumbull
Mary H. Trumbull b. 1871

Susan Elizabeth Sproull (F)
b. 26 September 1839, d. 13 May 1914

     Susan was born on 26 September 1839. She married James Abram Ditty on 19 November 1863. Susan died on 13 May 1914 at age 74.


Children of Susan Elizabeth Sproull and James Abram Ditty
(?) Ditty
(?) Ditty
(?) Ditty
(?) Ditty
(?) Ditty
Nora Ellen Ditty+ b. 20 Sep 1875, d. 3 Feb 1951

Theresa Spuller (F)

     Theresa Spuller married Francis Joseph Gillig.


Child of Theresa Spuller and Francis Joseph Gillig
Julia Gillig+ b. 14 Sep 1844, d. 6 Dec 1917

Edna Ethel Spurgeon (F)
b. 1887, d. 1921
Pop-up Pedigree

     Edna Ethel Spurgeon was born in 1887. She was the daughter of Lloyd Columbus Spurgeon and Nancy Ann Ball. Edna Ethel Spurgeon married Hubert Ivan Dellinger, son of John Albert Dellinger and Rosa Ellen Shipp, in 1904. Edna Ethel Spurgeon died in 1921.


Children of Edna Ethel Spurgeon and Hubert Ivan Dellinger
Meryl Dellinger
Howard Dellinger
Homer Dellinger
Iva Dellinger+ b. 1905, d. 1985

Lloyd Columbus Spurgeon (M)

     Lloyd Columbus Spurgeon married Nancy Ann Ball on 6 June 1873.


Child of Lloyd Columbus Spurgeon and Nancy Ann Ball
Edna Ethel Spurgeon+ b. 1887, d. 1921

David Andrew Spurlock (M)
d. 23 December 2001
Pop-up Pedigree

     David Andrew Spurlock was born. He was the son of Ralph O. Spurlock and Ada Arelda Abel. David Andrew Spurlock died on 23 December 2001.


Fred Spurlock (M)

     He married Allie Florence Mills.


Ralph O. Spurlock (M)
b. 23 June 1904, d. 24 September 1982

     Ralph O. Spurlock was born on 23 June 1904 at Ava, Douglas Co., Missouri. He married Ada Arelda Abel, daughter of David R. Abel and Mary Ann Test. Ralph O. Spurlock died on 24 September 1982 at age 78; Ralph died in his sleep onboard an international flight.


Child of Ralph O. Spurlock and Ada Arelda Abel
David Andrew Spurlock+ d. 23 Dec 2001

Emeline Spurr (F)

     She married Jonas Dellinger.


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