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Harrison Stacy1 (M)

     He married Mary Lucienne Loughmiller at Floyd Co., Indiana, on 9 May 1867.


  1. [S129] GEDCOM file # 3, Patti Nilssen.

Ora Zaba Stacy (F)
b. 24 September 1922, d. 14 November 1986

     Ora Zaba Stacy was born on 24 September 1922 at Dalton, Whitfield Co., Georgia. She married Grover Lee Joseph Jr., son of Grover Lee Joseph Jr. and Blanche Zella Coffelt, on 27 February 1953 at Washington, District of Columbia. Ora Zaba Stacy died on 14 November 1986 at Dalton, Whitfield Co., Georgia, at age 64.

Browning Stafford (M)
b. 10 August 1896

     Browning was born on 10 August 1896. He married Celestia I. Funderberg on 22 August 1923.


Fred Stafford (M)

     He married Caroline Derundo Moffatt.


Duke of Buckingham Henry Stafford (M)
d. 2 November 1483
Pop-up Pedigree

     Duke of Buckingham Henry Stafford was the son of Humphry Stafford. Duke of Buckingham Henry Stafford died on 2 November 1483 at Salisbury, England; Henry was beheaded for his role in revolt against Kng Richard III.


Sir Henry Stafford (M)

     Sir Henry Stafford married Lady Stanley Margaret Beaufort, daughter of Duke of Somerset John Beaufort and Margaret Beauchamp.


Humphry Stafford (M)
d. 1455
Pop-up Pedigree

     Humphry Stafford was the son of Earl of Stafford and Duke of Buckingham Humphry (?). Humphry Stafford died in 1455.


Child of Humphry Stafford
Duke of Buckingham Henry Stafford d. 2 Nov 1483

Harry Stage (M)

     Harry Stage married Vera Boyd, daughter of Everett Boyd and Leota Ota Billhymer.


Beatrice Stagemyer (F)

     Beatrice Stagemyer married Carl Munchel.


Child of Beatrice Stagemyer and Carl Munchel
Mary E. Munchel+ b. c 1933, d. 4 Jul 1991

George Stahl (M)

     George Stahl married Anna Christina (?).


Child of George Stahl and Anna Christina (?)
Maria Catherine Stahl

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