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George Stayle (M)

     He married Sarah Boyer.


Jacob Stearly1,2 (M)

     He married Christina (?) in 1763. He married Mary Magdalena "Modlena" (?) at Virginia on 23 October 1781. Jacob Stearly was land contract in 1791 at Virginia; In a deed in 1791 Frederick and his brother Michael received land from their mother's 2nd husband, Jacob Stearly.



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  2. [S170] Frederick Mauck of Frederick Co., VA, online.

(?) Stearns1 (M)

     He married Margaret "Maggie" Greathouse.


  1. [S115] Descendants of Philipp Dellinger, Paul Dellinger & Nard Cloninger.

Albert F. Stearns (M)
b. 1 April 1883, d. 20 February 1970

     Albert was born on 1 April 1883. He married Jennie M. Strong. Albert died on 20 February 1970 at age 86. His body was interred in February 1970 at Paxton, Ford Co., Illinois, at Glen Cemetery.


Mary A. Stedman (F)
b. 18 April 1810

     Mary was born on 18 April 1810. She married David Sharpless on 20 February 1834.


Children of Mary A. Stedman and David Sharpless
Joseph W. Sharpless b. 22 Feb 1835, d. 11 Sep 1840
Charles W. Sharpless+ b. 22 Apr 1842
Sarah Sharpless b. 22 Mar 1849, d. Apr 1849

Mary E. Stedman (F)

     Mary E. Stedman married Alfred Ralph Smith.


Children of Mary E. Stedman and Alfred Ralph Smith
Ella Smith b. 1854, d. 1916
Mary C. Smith+ b. 22 Apr 1863, d. 5 Oct 1900

Sarah Stedman (F)

     She married Peter Thomas.


Child of Sarah Stedman and Peter Thomas
Lydia Thomas+ b. 1689

(?) Steel (M)

     (?) Steel was born at Maryland. He married Annie (?).


Child of (?) Steel and Annie (?)
Lizzie Steel b. c 1867

Jacob Steel (M)

     He married Mary Lohnberger. Jacob Steel and Mary Lohnberger lived; Lived in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania.


Lizzie Steel (F)
b. circa 1867
Pop-up Pedigree

     Lizzie Steel was born circa 1867 at Maryland. She was the daughter of (?) Steel and Annie (?).

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