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My Family Tree - Person Page 5576

My Family Tree
Climbing the branches of my family tree
Person Page 5576

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Mary Stewart1,2,3,4 (F)

     She married Peter Franklin Dellinger.


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Mary Stewart (F)
b. 1766, d. 1832
Pop-up Pedigree

     Mary Stewart was born in 1766 at Yadkin River, North Carolina. She was the daughter of John Stewart and Hannah Boone. Mary Stewart married Solomon Osborn, son of Stephen Osborn. Mary Stewart died in 1832 at Vermilion Co., Illinois.


Child of Mary Stewart and Solomon Osborn
Joseph Osborn+ b. 1788, d. 12 Nov 1870

Mary Elizabeth Stewart (F)
b. 1846, d. 1866
Pop-up Pedigree

     Mary was born in 1846. She was the daughter of Willliam Harte Stewart and Esther McMillan. Mary died in 1866.

Mary P. Stewart (F)
b. 27 April 1821, d. 8 August 1911

     She married David Millen. Her body was interred at Xenia, Greene Co., Ohio. BURIED: Woodland Cemetery. Mary was born at Ohio on 27 April 1821. Mary died on 8 August 1911 at Ohio at age 90.

Children of Mary P. Stewart and David Millen
Jennie Martha Millen+ b. 1846
Emma Margaret Millen b. 1847
Eva A. Millen b. 18 Jan 1853, d. 30 Jun 1879
Carrie A. Millen b. 9 Jun 1855, d. 31 Aug 1883
Edwin S. Millen b. 23 Jun 1858, d. 8 Jan 1880

Montgomery Stewart1 (M)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Montgomery Stewart was the son of John C. Stewart Rev. and Mary Agnes Wylie.



  1. [S13] The Wilson Genealogy, Adda Wilson.

Myrtle Viola Stewart (F)
b. 24 January 1900, d. 22 April 1962

     Myrtle Viola Stewart was born on 24 January 1900. She married Charles William Smith, son of Addison A. Smith and Margaret Francis Parrill, on 14 November 1916 at Westerport, Maryland. Myrtle Viola Stewart died on 22 April 1962 at Cumberland, Allegany Co., Maryland, at age 62.

Nancy Stewart (F)

     She married William L. Lindsay. Nancy was born at Ireland.

Child of Nancy Stewart and William L. Lindsay
William Barkley Lindsay Rev. b. 21 Nov 1871, d. 9 Sep 1949

Nancy Ann Stewart1 (F)
b. 15 May 1844, d. 29 April 1884
Pop-up Pedigree

     Nancy was born at Monroe Co., Mississippi, on 15 May 1844. She was the daughter of Thomas Aiken Stewart and Christina Boyd. She married John Andrew Jackson Costner. Nancy died on 29 April 1884 at Banner, Calhoun Co., Mississippi, at age 39.

Children of Nancy Ann Stewart and John Andrew Jackson Costner
Ada Ula Christy Ann Lee Costner b. 23 Apr 1865, d. 29 Jun 1950
John Thomas Costner+ b. 11 Sep 1866, d. 25 Jun 1945
Ida Tenon Costner+ b. 17 Mar 1868, d. 20 Sep 1953
Moses Amarah Costner+ b. 24 Jun 1870, d. 2 Dec 1944
Edgar Lugen Clifton Costner+ b. 19 Jan 1872, d. 12 Jun 1951
Alice Jane Costner+ b. 3 Dec 1873, d. 1 Mar 1963
Nancy Mittie Costner+ b. 5 May 1877, d. 21 Jan 1956
James Monroe Costner+ b. 29 Oct 1879, d. 7 Mar 1950
Dalton Frederick Costner b. 5 Dec 1881, d. 16 Apr 1947


  1. [S143] GEDCOM file # 5, Costner & Tindall descendants.

Nell Stewart1,2 (F)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Nell Stewart was the daughter of Burlow Stewart and Minnie Ann Dellinger.



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Rebecca Stewart (F)
b. 1842, d. 1842
Pop-up Pedigree

     Rebecca died in 1842. Rebecca was born in 1842. She was the daughter of Willliam Harte Stewart and Esther McMillan.

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