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Johannes Stolz (M)

     Johannes Stolz married Elisabetha Kunzmann.


Child of Johannes Stolz and Elisabetha Kunzmann
Elisabeth Stolz+ b. 10 Jan 1801, d. 23 Dec 1862

(?) Stone (M)

     (?) Stone married Jennie Belle McClelland, daughter of William Henry McClelland and Elvice Lizetta Shigley, circa 1900 at Palo Alto Co., Iowa.


Children of (?) Stone and Jennie Belle McClelland
Bertha Stone b. c 1901
Sylvia Cecily Stone b. c 1902

Bertha Stone (F)
b. circa 1901
Pop-up Pedigree

     Bertha Stone was born circa 1901 at Rodman, Palo Alto Co., Iowa. She was the daughter of (?) Stone and Jennie Belle McClelland.


Caroline Stone (F)

     She married Willis Greene Moffett at Kentucky on 4 January 1825.


Charles Rex Stone (M)


Ella Lee Stone (F)
b. 6 January 1862, d. 28 December 1925

     Ella was born on 6 January 1862. She married William J. Reed at Monroe Co., Indiana, on 28 March 1883. Ella was listed as William J. Reed's wife on the 1900 Census at Van Buren Twp., Monroe Co., Indiana. Ella died on 28 December 1925 at Monroe Co., Indiana, at age 63. Her body was interred at Richland Twp., Monroe Co., Indiana, at Richland Cemetery.


Children of Ella Lee Stone and William J. Reed
Mabel C. Reed b. 3 May 1885, d. 30 Aug 1925
Florence Reed b. 19 Jun 1886, d. 13 Jan 1887
Hettie Reed+ b. 6 Jul 1888, d. 9 Nov 1919
Robert Neely Reed b. 31 May 1892, d. 4 Nov 1914

Gwendlyn Stone (F)
b. circa 1902, d. 30 August 1959

     Gwendlyn Stone was born circa 1902 at Iowa. She married Glenn A. Dellinger, son of Winfield Scott Dellinger and Nancy Caroline Pound. Gwendlyn was listed as Glenn A. Dellinger's wife on the 1920 Census at Stafford Twp., Stafford Co., Kansas. Gwendlyn Stone died on 30 August 1959 at Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co., California.


Child of Gwendlyn Stone and Glenn A. Dellinger
William Dellinger b. 18 Feb 1927, d. 10 Jan 1988

John Ellis Stone1 (M)
b. 1848, d. 1920

     He married Mary J. Wilson. John was born in 1848. John died in 1920.


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Margaret Browney Stone (F)
d. 1966

     Margaret Browney Stone married George Ray Elliott. Margaret Browney Stone died in 1966.


Mary Elizabeth Stone (F)

     She married George Lyman Cain.


Child of Mary Elizabeth Stone and George Lyman Cain
Julia Elizabeth Cain b. 3 Dec 1871

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