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Martha Strode (F)

     Martha Strode married Morgan Bryan.


Children of Martha Strode and Morgan Bryan
William Bryan
Rebecca Bryan+ b. 9 Jan 1739, d. 18 Mar 1813
Martha Bryan b. 1747
David Bryan b. 1757, d. 1837

Richard Strode (M)

     He married Ruth Shields.


Child of Richard Strode and Ruth Shields
Hannah Strode+ b. 24 Feb 1792, d. 15 Sep 1864

Ralph C. Stroggs (M)
b. 8 May 1903, d. 8 May 1992

     Ralph C. Stroggs was born on 8 May 1903. He married Anna Gertrude Curry, daughter of Nathaniel Mathew Curry and Melissa Cordelia Tritt. Ralph C. Stroggs died on 8 May 1992 at age 89.


Mary Strohman1 (F)
b. before 1821

     Mary was born at Chanceford Twp., York Co., Pennsylvania, before 1821. She married (?) Glatz. She married George Gohn.



  1. [S21] Gohn Family Group Sheet,

Almarene Stroman (F)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Almarene Stroman was the daughter of John Stroman and Mary Kochenauer. She married Joseph Leben.

George Stroman (M)
d. before 1896
Pop-up Pedigree

     George Stroman was the son of John Stroman and Mary Kochenauer. He married an unknown person . George died before 1896 at Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., Pennsylvania.

John Stroman (M)

     He married Mary Kochenauer. Lived in York, Pennsylvania.

Children of John Stroman and Mary Kochenauer
Almarene Stroman+
George Stroman+ d. b 1896

Elizabeth Strominger1 (F)

     She married Bernard Spangler at Pennsylvania in 1792.


Children of Elizabeth Strominger and Bernard Spangler
John Spangler+ d. Oct 1856
Jacob Spangler d. 29 Sep 1834
Charles Barnet Spangler
Daniel Spangler+ b. 25 Mar 1794, d. 20 Jan 1845
Sarah Spangler+ b. 23 Mar 1805
Rebecca Spangler+ b. 26 Aug 1808, d. 7 Feb 1840


  1. [S95] Spangler Family Genealogy, Fillmore K. Spangler III.

(?) Strong (?)
b. 1809
Pop-up Pedigree

     Died young. (?) was born in 1809. (?) Strong was the child of James Strong and Jane Blaine.

(?) Strong (M)

     He married Mary Elizabeth Moffatt.


Children of (?) Strong and Mary Elizabeth Moffatt
Hunter Strong
Mary Strong
Jesse Woodhull Strong
Frederick Moffat Strong

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