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James M. Sullenger (M)

     He married Louisa M. Curtis.

Child of James M. Sullenger and Louisa M. Curtis
Nellie Mae Sullenger+ b. 22 Feb 1875, d. 11 Dec 1952

Nellie Mae Sullenger (F)
b. 22 February 1875, d. 11 December 1952
Pop-up Pedigree

     Nellie was born at Springfield, Greene Co., Missouri, on 22 February 1875. She was the daughter of James M. Sullenger and Louisa M. Curtis. She married Edward Johnson Emmart on 8 November 1896. Nellie died on 11 December 1952 at Kansas City, Jackson Co., Missouri, at age 77. Her body was interred in December 1952 at Fontana, Miami Co., Kansas.

Children of Nellie Mae Sullenger and Edward Johnson Emmart
Edward James Emmart b. 1 Sep 1897, d. 18 Dec 1977
Mabel Mae Emmart+ b. 24 Jul 1900, d. 22 May 1985
Hazel Bell Emmart b. 13 Jun 1909, d. 10 Nov 1990
Nellie Gertrude Emmart b. 11 May 1911, d. 26 Mar 1945
John Emmart b. 18 May 1914, d. 31 Mar 1975

(?) Sullivan1 (M)

     He married Leona Thornton.



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Alice J. Sullivan1,2 (F)
b. 6 July 1851, d. 16 August 1940

     Alice was born at Lincoln Co., North Carolina, on 6 July 1851. She married Noah Monroe Dellinger. Alice died on 16 August 1940 at age 89. Her body was interred in August 1940 at Pleasant Grove Cemetery.


Children of Alice J. Sullivan and Noah Monroe Dellinger
Robert Dellinger b. 1873
Charles Lester Dellinger+ b. 17 Apr 1876, d. 27 Sep 1935
Grie Hampton Dellinger b. 1878


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Alvira Packingham "Allie" Sullivan (F)
b. 1849, d. 14 November 1947

     Allie wrote a book "The Earp Brothers of Tombstone" which is the basis for much of the movies that dealt with the gun fight at the OK Corral. Alvira was born in 1849. She married Virgil Walter Earp at Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie Co., Iowa, circa 1874. Alvira died on 14 November 1947 at California.


Della Sullivan (F)

     She married Norval Cauble.

Child of Della Sullivan and Norval Cauble
Howard Woodrow Cauble+ b. 6 Mar 1913, d. 16 Aug 1953

Estie Hall Sullivan1 (F)
b. 24 May

     Estie was born on 24 May. She married Miles William Carney on 1 March 1922.



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Harriet Sullivan1 (F)

     She married Irvin Zarfoss.



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John T. Sullivan1 (M)
d. 1996

     John died in 1996.



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N. H. Sullivan (M)

     He married Addie L. Templeton.


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