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Genevieve Sweeney1,2 (F)

     She married Donald Campbell Delinger on 7 June 1941.



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Nancy Sweeney (F)
b. circa 1815, d. circa 1849

     Nancy was born circa 1815. She married George Gohn, son of Daniel Gohn and Elizabeth Tome. Nancy died circa 1849 at Columbia, Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania.


Children of Nancy Sweeney and George Gohn
Daniel F. Gohn+ b. 25 Dec 1839
Annie Gohn b. b 1841
George Gohn b. b 1843
James K. Gohn+ b. c 1843
Susan Gohn b. b 1845
Elizabeth Gohn b. b 1845
Mary Gohn b. b 1847
Agnes Gohn b. b 1847
Sarah Gohn b. b 1849

Anna Sweetland (F)

     She married Orva Leibert Cook.

Matilda B. Sweetland (F)
b. 25 February 1825, d. 18 December 1885

     Matilda was born at Dryden, Tompkins Co., New York, on 25 February 1825. She married William Shaw Moffat at Dryden, Tompkins Co., New York, on 16 August 1859. Matilda died on 18 December 1885 at Saugatuck, Allegan Co., Michigan, at age 60.

Daniel Sweigert (M)

     Daniel Sweigert married Emma Spangler, daughter of Jonas Spangler and Lovina (?).


D. M. Sweitzer (M)

     He married Mary Ann Kunkle.


Jacob Sweizer1 (M)

     He married Rachel Shatto.



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Annie Elizabeth Swett (F)
b. 28 March 1914

     Annie was born at Birmingham, Jefferson Co., Alabama, on 28 March 1914. She married Guy Eugene Moffatt at Davant Methodist Church, Memphis, Shelby Co., Tennessee, on 9 October 1937.


Emily Swift (F)
d. 23 October 1953

     She married James W. Voltz. Emily died on 23 October 1953 at Selma, Dallas Co., Alabama.

Anna Swihart (F)
b. 1823, d. 1899

     Anna was born in 1823. She married Daniel G. Prugh on 29 November 1855. Anna died in 1899.

Child of Anna Swihart and Daniel G. Prugh
Charles Lyman Prugh+ b. 1 Mar 1857, d. Jul 1939

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