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My Family Tree - Person Page 5773

My Family Tree
Climbing the branches of my family tree
Person Page 5773

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Peter Taylor Sr. (M)
b. circa 1665, d. 15 November 1720
Pop-up Pedigree

     William and Peter Taylor, both "Husbandmen" from Sutton, Chester, England purchased 1250 acres in Pennsylvania from William Penn for 25 pounds on 2 and 3 March 1681-2. They arrived in 1682, taking up 350 acres in Upper Providence township, present site of Media, Pennsylvania. Peter and Sarah Houlston declared their intention to marry at Chester Meeting on 1/2/1685 and again on 2/6/1685 and were married shortly thereafter. Peter was born at Sutton, Cheshire, England, circa 1665. He was the son of William Taylor and Alice Woode. He married Sarah Houlston at Pennsylvania circa 6 February 1685. Peter died on 15 November 1720 at Caln Twp., Delaware Co., Pennsylvania. His body was interred in November 1720 at Pennsylvania.


Children of Peter Taylor Sr. and Sarah Houlston
Peter Taylor Jr.+ b. 20 May 1686, d. May 1740
John Taylor b. 1 Feb 1688, d. 1720
Sarah Taylor+ b. 6 Jul 1690
William Taylor b. 19 Jun 1694
Samuel Taylor b. 13 Feb 1697

Phebe Taylor (F)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Phebe Taylor was the daughter of Josiah Taylor. She married Samuel Lewis at Pennsylvania on 17 June 1712.


Phebe Taylor (F)

     She married Robert Mendenhall in 1734.


Child of Phebe Taylor and Robert Mendenhall
Robert Mendenhall Jr. b. 1759

Polly Ann Taylor (F)
b. 5 May 1809, d. 21 May 1849

     Polly was born on 5 May 1809. She married John Bigham Moffett at Rushville, Schuyler Co., Illinois, on 17 May 1827. Polly died on 21 May 1849 at Springfield, Sangamon Co., Illinois, at age 40.

Children of Polly Ann Taylor and John Bigham Moffett
David Sutton Moffett+ b. 14 Feb 1828, d. 19 May 1860
Sarah Taylor Moffett+ b. 23 Dec 1829, d. 16 Feb 1854
Ann Eliza Moffett b. 29 May 1833, d. 8 Aug 1846
Robert Moffett b. 7 Dec 1835, d. 7 Dec 1835
John M. Moffett+ b. 14 Dec 1836, d. c 1914
James Milton Moffett b. 10 Aug 1839, d. 1 Jun 1859
Caroline Moffett b. 6 Aug 1842, d. 6 Aug 1842
Louisa Catharine Moffett b. 12 Sep 1843, d. 11 Jul 1845
Joseph Edwin Moffett b. 25 Sep 1845
Laura Amanda Moffett b. 10 Feb 1849
Mary Eliza Moffett b. 15 Mar 1932, d. 28 Jun 1832

Rebecca Louise Taylor (F)
d. 1 January 1905
Pop-up Pedigree

     Rebecca Louise Taylor was the daughter of James Y. Taylor and Elizabeth Ann Moffett. She married John A. Barnes on 4 September 1866. Rebecca died on 1 January 1905 at Madison, Macon Co., Illinois.


Richard Taylor (M)

     He married Martha Curry. From Winchester, Franklin Co, TN.


Children of Richard Taylor and Martha Curry
Richard Taylor Jr.
James Curry Taylor

Richard Taylor Jr. (M)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Richard Taylor Jr. was the son of Richard Taylor and Martha Curry.


Robert Taylor (M)
b. 5 April 1783
Pop-up Pedigree

     Robert Taylor was born on 5 April 1783. He was the son of Mordecai Taylor and Mary (?).


Roy L. Taylor (M)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Roy L. Taylor was the son of Lindsey Lee Taylor and Mittie Eudora Franklin.


Russell Taylor1,2 (M)

     Russell Taylor married Evangeline Dellinger, daughter of H. Grady Dellinger and Dovey Perry.1,2



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  2. [S142] Descendants of Valentin Dellinger, Billet, Dellinger, et al.

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