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Ann Thomas (F)

     She married Lewis William in 1720.


Bertha Belle Thomas (F)
b. 30 January 1876

     Bertha Belle Thomas was born on 30 January 1876 at Sedalia, Pettis Co., Missouri. She married Cloyd Rakestraw, son of John Ayres Rakestraw and Elizabeth Weller, on 8 October 1897 at Marysville, Marshall Co., Kansas.

Children of Bertha Belle Thomas and Cloyd Rakestraw
Elsie Rakestraw b. 19 Aug 1898
Max Glen Rakestraw b. 24 Mar 1907

Beulah Thomas (F)

     Beulah Thomas married Thomas Parker, son of Joseph Parker and Catherine Taylor.


Children of Beulah Thomas and Thomas Parker
Joseph Parker+ b. 31 Oct 1785
Isaac Parker b. 30 Aug 1787, d. 3 Jul 1852
Edward Parker b. 25 Oct 1789
Thomas Parker+ b. 30 Nov 1791, d. 12 Oct 1842
Sarah Thomas Parker b. 13 Feb 1796, d. 19 Nov 1868
Ann Parker b. 1 Sep 1798
Beulah Coates Parker b. 5 Nov 1800
William Parker+ b. 23 Jun 1806

Clint Thomas (M)
b. 18 August 1876, d. 18 June 1958
Pop-up Pedigree

     Clint was born at Montgomery Co., Indiana, on 18 August 1876. He was the son of Franklin Fry Thomas and Martha Jane Lowe. He married Blanche Pearl Watson at Hillsboro, Fountain Co., Indiana, on 12 September 1900. Clint died on 18 June 1958 at Hillsboro, Fountain Co., Indiana, at age 81.

Children of Clint Thomas and Blanche Pearl Watson
Kelsey Thomas
Herschel Thomas
Opal Thomas
(?) Thomas
(?) Thomas
(?) Thomas
(?) Thomas
(?) Thomas
(?) Thomas
Mabel M. Thomas b. 22 Jan 1903, d. 10 Jan 1995
Martha Evelyn Thomas+ b. 11 Aug 1913, d. 22 Oct 2000

Darcus Thomas (?)
b. 1877, d. 1878
Pop-up Pedigree

     Darcus was born in 1877. Darcus Thomas was the child of William Green Thomas and Martha Ann Weaver. Darcus died in 1878.

David Thomas (M)
b. before 1682

     David Thomas married Sarah Smith, daughter of William Smith and Elizabeth Marshall. David Thomas was born before 1682.


Delbert Ray Thomas (M)
b. 23 December 1932, d. 24 December 1932
Pop-up Pedigree

     Delbert Ray Thomas was born on 23 December 1932 at Florence, Pinal Co., Arizona. He died on 24 December 1932 at Florence, Pinal Co., Arizona, at age 0. He was the son of Joseph Allen Thomas and Elva Beatrice Smith.


Earnest Edwin Thomas (M)
b. 20 October 1899, d. 7 December 1976

     Earnest was born at Pickaway Co., Ohio, on 20 October 1899. He married Myrtle Merle Mowery at Pickaway Co., Ohio, on 7 February 1920. Earnest died on 7 December 1976 at Lancaster, Fairfield Co., Ohio, at age 77. His body was interred on 10 December 1976 at West Rushville, Fairfield Co., Ohio, at West Rushville Cemetery.


Edward Thomas1 (M)
b. 26 March 1929
Pop-up Pedigree

     Edward was born on 26 March 1929. He was the son of Juan Monroe Thomas and Lethia Dellinger.


  1. [S27] John Philip Dellinger, Paul H. Dellinger.

Eva Thomas (F)
b. circa 1804

     Eva Thomas was born circa 1804. She married Henry Gohn, son of Peter Gohn and Elisabeth (?).


Children of Eva Thomas and Henry Gohn
Eliza Gohn
Lavina Gohn
Hanna Gohn b. 1837
Jacob Gohn b. 11 Aug 1839
Abraham Gohn+ b. 1 Mar 1841, d. 31 Oct 1916
Betsie Gohn b. 1844

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