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Walter Scott Thomas (M)
b. 4 September 1890, d. 27 May 1906
Pop-up Pedigree

     Walter Scott Thomas was born on 4 September 1890 at Yorkana, York Co., Pennsylvania. He was the son of Nestor Seth Thomas and Callie Elizabeth Paules. Walter Scott Thomas died on 27 May 1906 at York Co., Pennsylvania, at age 15. He was buried in May 1906 at Mt. Rose Cemetery, Springgarden Twp., York Co., Pennsylvania.


William Thomas (M)
b. 1842
Pop-up Pedigree

     William Thomas was born in 1842. He was the son of Jacob Thomas. William Thomas married Maria Keller, daughter of Peter Keller and Sarah Will.


William Thomas (M)

     William Thomas married Delila Sharp.


Child of William Thomas and Delila Sharp
Martha Evelene Thomas+ b. 16 Oct 1903, d. 12 Dec 1990

William E. Thomas1 (M)
b. 1920, d. 1961

     William was born in 1920. William died in 1961.


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William Green Thomas (M)

     He married Martha Ann Weaver in 1864.

Children of William Green Thomas and Martha Ann Weaver
James Alexander Thomas b. 1865, d. 1866
Mary Ellen Thomas b. 1867, d. 1868
Darcus Thomas b. 1877, d. 1878

Willoughby Thomas (M)

     He married Amanda Sims.

Mary Henry Thomason (F)

     She married John Richard Bumpus.

Children of Mary Henry Thomason and John Richard Bumpus
Lillie Bumpus+
Thula Bumpus+
Leha Bumpus+
Lizzie Bumpus
Bulah Bumpus+
Raymond Bumpus+ d. 31 May 1972
Tempie Lee Bumpus+ b. 10 Mar 1886, d. 31 Dec 1952
David Bumpus+ b. 25 Mar 1891
Harvey D. Bumpus+ b. 10 Feb 1899, d. 19 Oct 1968
Elwood Bumpus b. 12 Mar 1910, d. 10 Mar 1910

Pearl Thomason (F)
b. 1885

     Pearl was born in 1885. She married Lawson Young Hayes Dr. at Huntsville, Madison Co., Alabama, on 8 October 1903.

Mary Emma Thomasson (F)
b. 1852, d. 1884

     Mary Emma Thomasson was born in 1852. She married Robert Wilson McKinstry, son of John Washington McKinstry and Mary Lowry McQuiston. Mary Emma Thomasson died in 1884 at Drew Co., Arkansas.


Children of Mary Emma Thomasson and Robert Wilson McKinstry
Bertie Lee McKinstry
Claudia Bell McKinstry

(?) Thompson (M)

     He married Adaline Cluckner.


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