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Esther Thompson (F)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Esther Thompson was the daughter of Robert Thompson and Mary McCreight. She married John Banks.


Children of Esther Thompson and John Banks
Robert McCullough Banks+ b. 7 Apr 1831, d. 11 Jun 1888
John D. Banks+ b. 19 May 1838, d. 5 Oct 1878
Hugh Osborne Banks+ b. 24 Oct 1846, d. 16 Jun 1928

Fon Thompson (M)

     He married an unknown person .

Forrest D. Thompson (M)


Frances Harley Thompson (F)

     She married Edward McCoy.

Child of Frances Harley Thompson and Edward McCoy
(?) McCoy

George Thompson1,2 (M)

     He married Sabina Loughmiller at Washington Co., Indiana, on 25 August 1833.



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Harold Thompson (M)

     He married Helen Elizabeth Hemphill at Hill City, Graham Co., Kansas, in 1929.

Harold Thompson (M)

     He married Ruth Leonard.

Harriett Louisa Thompson (F)

     She married H. Wilson Sistare.

Child of Harriett Louisa Thompson and H. Wilson Sistare
Charles Jackson Sistare+ b. 25 Feb 1882, d. 2 Oct 1940

Harry Augustus Thompson (M)
b. 7 October 1891, d. 10 December 1915
Pop-up Pedigree

     Harry was born on 7 October 1891. He was the son of Hugh Abner Thompson and Margaret Ann Campbell. Harry died on 10 December 1915 at age 24.

Henry Alexander Thompson1 (M)

     He married Mary Emma Garside at Stratford, Garvin Co., Oklahoma, on 23 December 1929.



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