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My Family Tree - Person Page 5841

My Family Tree
Climbing the branches of my family tree
Person Page 5841

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Elizabeth Traub (F)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Elizabeth Traub was born. She was the daughter of (?) Traub and Helena Shoults.


Catherine Traughber (F)
d. circa 1833

     She married John Widick Jr.. Catherine died circa 1833.

Children of Catherine Traughber and John Widick Jr.
Elizabeth Widick b. 31 Jan 1816, d. 23 Dec 1846
Rial Widick b. 22 Dec 1817, d. 31 Jan 1912
Aaron Widick Sr. b. 28 Feb 1819, d. 29 Feb 1860
Eli Widick b. 23 Nov 1823, d. 1 Jan 1909
Edmund Widick b. 7 Nov 1825, d. 18 May 1913
Henry Widick b. 30 Sep 1828

Margaret Traughber (F)

     She married John Widick Sr..

Child of Margaret Traughber and John Widick Sr.
John Widick Jr.+ b. 4 Jan 1779, d. c 1863

Jacob Friedrich Traut (M)
b. 3 August 1876, d. 5 October 1961

     Jacob was born at Bretten, Germany, on 3 August 1876. He married Luise Abel at Durlach, Baden-Württemberg, Germany, on 26 April 1902. Jacob died on 5 October 1961 at Wiesloch, Germany, at age 85.

(?) Travis (M)

     (?) Travis married Vernice Nettie Heel, daughter of Robert Edward Heel and Susanna Nette Shenk.


Philena Treen (F)

     She married Moses McElheny at Methodist Episcopal Church, Fulton Co., Indiana, on 4 March 1847.


Child of Philena Treen and Moses McElheny
Sarah Salista McElheny+ b. 11 Aug 1854

Ruhamah Treen (F)
b. 6 November 1829, d. 17 February 1882

     She married Jeptha Powell at Cass Co., Indiana. Ruhamah was born on 6 November 1829. Ruhamah died on 17 February 1882 at age 52.

Children of Ruhamah Treen and Jeptha Powell
E. Bryon Powell+ b. 19 Oct 1849
Virgil Powell+ b. 4 May 1851, d. 12 Feb 1900
Margaret E. Powell+ b. 1 Jul 1853
Josiah Greeley Powell+ b. 1856, d. 24 Jun 1913
Letitia G. Powell b. 31 Oct 1858, d. 8 Apr 1861
Tillie Powell+ b. 1 Apr 1860
Lillie Dale Powell+ b. 11 May 1863, d. 12 Jul 1903
Melcenna Powell b. 16 Sep 1865, d. Aug 1868
Harry Powell b. 31 May 1868, d. Feb 1869
Anson Burlingame Powell b. Aug 1871

Sarah C. Treesh1 (F)

     Sarah C. Treesh married Thomas Chockley Rakestraw, son of Amos Rakestraw and Maria Mercer, on 1 February 1877.1


Child of Sarah C. Treesh and Thomas Chockley Rakestraw
Charles Rakestraw+ 1


  1. [S31] Rakestraw-Wyron, Dave Rakestraw.

Benjamin Trego (M)

     He married Mary Pyle.


Harry Trego (M)

     Harry Trego married Belle Gulick.


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