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Barbara Ubel (F)

     She married Hans K. Spengler.

Elizabeth Uhl (F)

     Elizabeth Uhl married John Jacob Schaefer.


Child of Elizabeth Uhl and John Jacob Schaefer
Annabel Schaefer+ b. 17 Feb 1900

Albert R. Ulery (M)
b. 29 August 1883, d. 6 February 1963

     Albert was born on 29 August 1883. He married Maude S. Funderberg in 1902. Albert died on 6 February 1963 at age 79.


Child of Albert R. Ulery and Maude S. Funderberg
Horace Wilbur Ulery+ b. 25 Jul 1903

Horace Wilbur Ulery (M)
b. 25 July 1903
Pop-up Pedigree

     Horace was born on 25 July 1903. He was the son of Albert R. Ulery and Maude S. Funderberg. He married Donna Marie Jenkins on 9 June 1927.


Agnes Ulmer (F)
d. 1505

     She married George Spengler in 1468. Agnes died in 1505.


Children of Agnes Ulmer and George Spengler
Schald Puhler Spengler
George Spengler d. 1475
Sebastian Spengler d. 1476
Martha Spengler d. 1539
Stephen Spengler d. 1492
Syronimus Spengler d. 1494
Hans Spengler d. 1507
Lazurus Spengler b. 1469
Magdalena Spengler b. 1470, d. 1481
Sileitas Spengler b. 1472
Lazarus Ratschriber Spengler+ b. 1479, d. 1534
George Spengler+ b. 1480, d. 1529
Anton Spengler b. 1486, d. 1495
Ursula Spengler b. 1489
Paul Spengler b. 1490, d. 1527
Hans K. Spengler b. 1491, d. 1507
Magdalena Spengler b. 1492, d. 1536
Margaretha Spengler b. 1493
Kuri Spengler b. 1493
Daniel Spengler b. 1494

Fred Ulrich (M)

     He married Anna Wasserman.


Child of Fred Ulrich and Anna Wasserman
Lillian Augusta Ulrich+ b. 21 May 1910

Lillian Augusta Ulrich (F)
b. 21 May 1910
Pop-up Pedigree

     Lillian was born at Calumet City, Cook Co., Illinois, on 21 May 1910. She was the daughter of Fred Ulrich and Anna Wasserman. She married Henry Jacob Hartley at Calumet City, Cook Co., Illinois, on 4 July 1931.


Samuel Ulrich (M)
b. circa 1768

     Samuel Ulrich was born circa 1768. He married Sarah Gohn, daughter of Andreas Gohn and Veronica Kuster, circa 1793 at York Co., Pennsylvania.


Mary C. Underwood (F)

     Mary C. Underwood married John Hurst.


Child of Mary C. Underwood and John Hurst
Colonel John L. Hurst+ b. 11 Apr 1844, d. 1918

Polly Underwood (F)

     She married Eli Seitz at Madison Co., Missouri, on 6 December 1840.


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