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Jennette "Jenny" Vandevanter1 (F)

     Jennette "Jenny" Vandevanter married William R. Rakestraw Jr., son of William Rakestraw and Mary Morris, on 15 August 1822 at Clark Co., Ohio.1



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Jennetty Vandevanter (F)

     Jennetty Vandevanter married William Thomas Rakestraw, son of Paul Chalkley Rakestraw and Rebecca (?), on 15 August 1822.


Children of Jennetty Vandevanter and William Thomas Rakestraw
Malinda Rakestraw b. bt 1820 - 1825, d. 1859
(?) Rakestraw b. bt 1820 - 1825

Isaac Vandeventer (M)

     He married Ruthie Chesnut on 27 March 1904.

Anna Maria Vandever (F)

     She married Henry Bartam.


Children of Anna Maria Vandever and Henry Bartam
(?) Bartram
(?) Bartram

Elizabeth Vandever (F)

     She married Benjamin Bartam.


Children of Elizabeth Vandever and Benjamin Bartam
Ellwood Bartram
Franklin Bartram

Nancy Vandever (F)

     Nancy Vandever married James Dillinger, son of Henry Dillinger, on 19 March 1832 at Orange Co., Indiana.


Paulina Myrtle Vandivier (F)
b. 1884, d. April 1920

     Paulina was born in 1884. She married Carl Fay Feaster. Paulina died in April 1920.

Children of Paulina Myrtle Vandivier and Carl Fay Feaster
Carl Raymond Feaster b. Apr 1907, d. Feb 1962
Elizabeth Faye Feaster b. 10 Jul 1910

Anna Eliza Vanduzer (F)

     She married Jesse C. Woodhull.


Child of Anna Eliza Vanduzer and Jesse C. Woodhull
Annie Woodhull b. 1877

Nettie B. Vandyke1 (F)

     She married Silas Day Loughmiller on 14 December 1893.


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Walter Vaness1,2 (M)

     He married Lavisa Dellinger.



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