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Louise Vanfosson (F)
b. 15 December 1865, d. 14 March 1943

     Louise was born at Ottomwa, Iowa, on 15 December 1865. She married John Brewer Goforth at Andrew Co., Missouri, on 3 December 1882. Louise died on 14 March 1943 at Barnard, Nodaway Co., Missouri, at age 77.


Children of Louise Vanfosson and John Brewer Goforth
Anna Myrtle Goforth b. 14 Sep 1883, d. 28 Feb 1943
Edward Goforth b. 14 Sep 1886
Lavina Floy Goforth b. 21 Dec 1890, d. 18 Feb 1977
Harold Goforth b. 13 Apr 1905, d. May 1976

John Vanhorn (M)

     He married Amelia Jackson. Lived in Washington, D.C.


Edith Vanins (F)
b. 30 May 1904

     Edith Vanins was born on 30 May 1904. She married Jesse Bryon Nicodemus, son of William Sherman Nicodemus and Olive B. Smith.


Lydia Vanmeter (F)
b. 27 January 1834, d. 18 March 1915

     Her body was interred at Knightstown, Henry Co., Indiana. Lydia was born at Hancock, Indiana, on 27 January 1834. Lydia died on 18 March 1915 at Hancock, Indiana, at age 81.

Agnes Luella VanMetre (F)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Agnes Luella VanMetre was born. She was the daughter of Harry Clifton VanMetre and Nellie Ray Foltz. Agnes Luella VanMetre married John Paul Kiser.


Child of Agnes Luella VanMetre and John Paul Kiser
Mitzi L. Kiser

Harry Clifton VanMetre (M)

     Harry Clifton VanMetre married Nellie Ray Foltz, daughter of Charles Wesley Foltz and Agnes Moore.


Child of Harry Clifton VanMetre and Nellie Ray Foltz
Agnes Luella VanMetre+

Edna L. Vann1 (F)
b. 1903, d. 6 January 1981

     Edna was born in 1903. She married Roy Clifford Rinker Sr.. Edna was listed as Roy Clifford Rinker Sr.'s wife on the 1920 Census at Johnson District, Shenandoah Co., Virginia. Edna died on 6 January 1981.

Children of Edna L. Vann and Roy Clifford Rinker Sr.
Clyde E. Rinker b. 1925, d. 24 Dec 1936
Austin D. Rinker b. 27 May 1928, d. 17 Jan 2001
Roy Clifford Rinker Jr. b. 5 Apr 1929, d. 14 Nov 2002
Richard L. Rinker b. c 1934, d. 14 Nov 1985
William B. Rinker b. 1936, d. 20 Mar 1936


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Eli Vann1 (M)

     He married Elizabeth Dellinger.


  1. [S44] George Dellinger Descendants, Don Billet.

Martha Vann (F)

     Martha Vann married Joseph Coffman, son of Joseph Rinker Coffman and Elizabeth Ann Coffelt, on 1 October 1881.


Children of Martha Vann and Joseph Coffman
L.A. Coffman
W.L. Coffman
Joseph Edward Coffman+ b. 9 Apr 1882, d. 26 Aug 1951

Ola Vannes1,2 (F)

     She married Noris Emmit Dellinger on 24 January 1897.


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