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My Family Tree - Person Page 5914

My Family Tree
Climbing the branches of my family tree
Person Page 5914

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William Frederick Vetter1 (M)
b. 25 August 1838, d. 13 August 1912
Pop-up Pedigree

     William was born at Shenandoah Co., Virginia, on 25 August 1838. William was born at North Mountain, which is near Woodstock.. He was the son of Georg Wilhelm Vetter and Sophia Kobler. He married Sevilla Dellinger on 17 December 1868. William Frederick Vetter died on 13 August 1912 at age 73.

Children of William Frederick Vetter and Sevilla Dellinger
Noda Carrie Vetter+ b. 12 Nov 1877, d. 16 Jun 1970
Charles William Vetter+ b. 6 Oct 1883, d. 25 Feb 1966


  1. [S93] 14 March 2000 e-mail, Freda Reedy.

Lenora Marie Viands (F)
b. 18 April 1902, d. 11 June 1994
Pop-up Pedigree

     Lenora Marie Viands was born on 18 April 1902 at Elkton, Rockingham Co., Virginia. She was the daughter of William Viands and Virgie Plum. Lenora Marie Viands married Alfred Ellsworth Billet, son of Harry Ellsworth Billet and Arsulla Frances Strausbaugh, on 12 August 1920 at York, York Co., Pennsylvania. Lenora Marie Viands died on 11 June 1994 at Dallastown, York Co., Pennsylvania, at age 92. She was buried in June 1994 at Mt. Rose Cemetery, Springgarden Twp., York Co., Pennsylvania.


Children of Lenora Marie Viands and Alfred Ellsworth Billet
Elizabeth Billet b. Dec 1922, d. 17 Dec 1922
Alfred E. Billet b. 8 Oct 1923, d. 9 Oct 1923
Ida Marie Billet b. 2 Nov 1928, d. 3 Apr 1929
John William Billet b. 22 Sep 1935, d. 2 Jul 1956

William Viands (M)

     William Viands married Virgie Plum.


Child of William Viands and Virgie Plum
Lenora Marie Viands+ b. 18 Apr 1902, d. 11 Jun 1994

Demma Vick (F)

     Demma Vick married Houston Benjamin Rathfon, son of Jacob Rathfon and Martha Cowan, on 22 February 1899.


Child of Demma Vick and Houston Benjamin Rathfon
Bess Rathfon b. 2 Jan 1900, d. 2 Feb 1900

James Vick1 (M)

     He married Elizabeth Permilia Moffatt.


  1. [S12] The Moffatt Family, James S. Moffatt.

Daisy Vickers (F)
b. 16 July 1877
Pop-up Pedigree

     Daisy was born on 16 July 1877. She was the daughter of James P. Vickers and Elizabeth Roper. She married Walter Melville Hayes on 14 February 1901.

Child of Daisy Vickers and Walter Melville Hayes
Charles Macon Hayes b. 29 Oct 1903, d. 15 Mar 1956

James P. Vickers (M)

     He married Elizabeth Roper.

Child of James P. Vickers and Elizabeth Roper
Daisy Vickers+ b. 16 Jul 1877

Mary F. Vickers (F)
b. 17 April 1871, d. June 1971
Pop-up Pedigree

     Mary F. Vickers was born on 17 April 1871 at Virginia City, Madision Co., Montana. She was the daughter of Robert Vickers and Martha Ellen Townhill Borrell. Mary F. Vickers married George Edward Gohn, son of George Gohn and Anna Zweifel, on 16 April 1896 at Virginia City, Madison Co., Montana. Mary F. Vickers died in June 1971 at Virginia City, Madision Co., Montana, at age 100. She was buried in 1971 at Virginia City, Madision Co., Montana.


Children of Mary F. Vickers and George Edward Gohn
George Harold Gohn+ b. 8 Jan 1897, d. 13 Feb 1970
Robert Edward Gohn+ b. 9 Jan 1900, d. 25 May 1986
Mildred Gohn b. 9 May 1904, d. 1911
Philip Henry "Harry" Gohn b. 11 Aug 1907, d. 22 Aug 1977

Robert Vickers (M)

     Robert Vickers married Martha Ellen Townhill Borrell.


Child of Robert Vickers and Martha Ellen Townhill Borrell
Mary F. Vickers+ b. 17 Apr 1871, d. Jun 1971

Annie Vincent (F)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Annie Vincent was the daughter of Cornelius Vincent and Rebecca Frances Hoffman.


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