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Margaret Emma Wallace (F)

     Margaret Emma Wallace married Daniel W. Tait, son of Joseph S. Tait, at Decatur, Macon Co., Illinois.


Children of Margaret Emma Wallace and Daniel W. Tait
Richard Tait
Elizabeth Tait

Mary Wallace (F)

     Mary Wallace married Jacob Peterson.


Child of Mary Wallace and Jacob Peterson
Nellie Christine Peterson+ b. 5 Aug 1896, d. 14 Apr 1975

Mary Jane Wallace (F)
b. 10 October 1831, d. 25 November 1915
Pop-up Pedigree

     BURIED: Pleasant Grove Presbyterian Cemetery. Mary was born at South Carolina on 10 October 1831. She was the daughter of William Wallace and Sarah Knox. Mary died on 25 November 1915 at age 84.

Mary R. Wallace (F)
b. 1845

     She married William McAliley Captain. Mary was born in 1845.

Child of Mary R. Wallace and William McAliley Captain
Nannie Alberta McAliley b. 1872, d. 11 Apr 1944

Nancy Ellen Wallace (F)
b. 14 December 1844, d. 19 January 1920

     Nancy was born on 14 December 1844. She married Calvin Brice at Charlotte, Mecklenburg Co., North Carolina, in 1865. Nancy died on 19 January 1920 at South Carolina at age 75. Her body was interred in January 1920 at Fairfield Co., South Carolina, at New Hope ARP Cemetery.

Children of Nancy Ellen Wallace and Calvin Brice
Robert George Brice+ b. 1867, d. 1925
William Calvin Brice b. 14 Jun 1869, d. 26 Nov 1900
Alexander Homer Brice b. 24 Jan 1871, d. 13 Mar 1956
James McCaslin Brice+ b. 1873
Mary Ianthe Brice b. 12 Sep 1875, d. 3 Mar 1877
Nancy Evelyn Brice+ b. 17 Apr 1877
Ellen Ruth Brice+ b. 29 Sep 1880
Albert Wallace Brice+ b. 5 Aug 1883

Nathan C. Wallace1 (M)

     He married Clara Ann Aughenbaugh at York, York Co., Pennsylvania.



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Olive Louisa Wallace (F)
b. 1 February 1868, d. 11 September 1896
Pop-up Pedigree

     Olive was born on 1 February 1868. She was the daughter of Thomas Lysander Wallace and Mary G. Gill. She married J. W. Duke on 28 November 1883. Olive died on 11 September 1896 at age 28.


Origen Wallace1 (M)

     He married Nancy Agnes Weir at Monroe Co., Indiana, on 13 September 1853.



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Peter D. Wallace (M)
d. 10 July 1858

     He married Mary Elizabeth Knox. Peter died on 10 July 1858.


Rosella Wallace (F)
d. 3 January 1929

     Rosella Wallace married Marshall Brake, son of Aaron Brake and Phebe Jane Sparks, on 29 December 1883 at Madison Co., Ohio. Rosella Wallace died on 3 January 1929 at Ohio.


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