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Florence Walter (F)
b. 26 September 1880, d. 21 July 1968

     Florence Walter was born on 26 September 1880 at St. Johns, Michigan. She married Horace Miller Gohn, son of William Gohn and Nancy Jane Miller, on 28 August 1900. Florence Walter died on 21 July 1968 at age 87.


Child of Florence Walter and Horace Miller Gohn
William Walter Gohn+ b. 29 Jan 1905, d. Jan 1982

G.B. Walter (?)

     He/she married (?) Chesnut.

Helen Miller Walter (F)
b. 29 July 1911

     Helen Miller Walter was born on 29 July 1911 at Evansville, Vandenburgh Co., Indiana. She married John E. Payton, son of Cordia Roy Payton and Bessie Palsgrove, on 11 May 1929.


Hester Ann Walter (F)
b. 8 April 1873
Pop-up Pedigree

     Hester Ann Walter was born on 8 April 1873 at Warren Co., Virginia. She was the daughter of William Jefferson Walter and Mahala Hoffman. Hester Ann Walter married William H. Mills on 12 June 1889 at Warren Co., Virginia.


Child of Hester Ann Walter and William H. Mills
Mary Alice Mills+

John Walter (M)

     He married Elizabeth Worrall.


Mary Walter (F)

     She married Caleb Pierce.


Mary Elizabeth Walter1 (F)

     She married George Roberts Powell.



  1. [S162] Unknown compiler.

Sarah Walter (F)

     She married Gainer Pierce on 26 September 1719.


William Jefferson Walter (M)
b. 1846, d. 1925
Pop-up Pedigree

     William Jefferson Walter was born in 1846. He was the son of (?) Walter and Sarah Ann (?). William Jefferson Walter married Mahala Hoffman, daughter of Henry Hoffman and Catherine Dellinger. William Jefferson Walter died in 1925.

Children of William Jefferson Walter and Mahala Hoffman
Adeline Walter+ b. Jul 1871, d. b 1921
Hester Ann Walter+ b. 8 Apr 1873
Alice Walter b. c 1875

Daisy Alverta Waltermeyer (F)
b. 24 September 1886

     Daisy Alverta Waltermeyer was born on 24 September 1886. She married George Elmer Spangler, son of Henry Albert Spangler and Louisa Ellen Hantz.


Children of Daisy Alverta Waltermeyer and George Elmer Spangler
George Leonard Spangler b. 17 Apr 1915
Merle Marlet Spangler b. 14 Dec 1917

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