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James Conway Waters Jr. (M)
d. 1982
Pop-up Pedigree

     James Conway Waters Jr. died in 1982.


Child of James Conway Waters Jr.
James Conway Waters III b. 9 Oct 1971, d. 12 Mar 1989

Jane Maria Waters (F)

     Jane Maria Waters married John Fravel, son of Henry Fravel II and Elizabeth Hockman, at Franklin Co., Ohio.


Mary Elizabeth Waters (F)

     She married James Waters.

Child of Mary Elizabeth Waters and James Waters
Brice McD. Waters b. Oct 1870, d. 5 Feb 1934

Robert Waters (M)

     He married Annie Watkins.


Shannon Michelle Waters (F)
b. 2 June 1969, d. 4 June 1969

     Her body was interred at Pennville, Floyd Co., Georgia. BURIED: CMA Church Cemetery. Shannon was born at Dallas, Paulding Co., Georgia, on 2 June 1969. Shannon died on 4 June 1969 at Dallas, Paulding Co., Georgia, at age 0.

Louisa Wathers (F)
b. 1823, d. 21 December 1895

     WILL: York Co., South Carolina 90-4521 Written: 8 September 1888 Probated: 10 December 1895 Husband: David Gaston Sister: Susan Harris W.S. Wood T.J. Wood J.T. Wood Temperance McCraw Mary L. Harris Executors: W.D. Gaston and R.E. Porter. Louisa was born in 1823. She married David Gaston at Spartanburg Co., South Carolina, on 14 July 1875. Louisa died on 21 December 1895 at Blacksburg, York Co., South Carolina.

Abraham Benjamin Watking (M)

     Abraham Benjamin Watking married Marium Wallen, daughter of William Wallin Sr. and Mary Rakestraw, on 4 March 1847.


(?) Watkins (M)
Pop-up Pedigree

     (?) Watkins was the son of William Patrick Watkins and Anna Belle Peden.


Allen Watkins1 (M)

     He married Dorothea Coody.

Child of Allen Watkins and Dorothea Coody
Florrie Cypert Watkins+


  1. [S139] Stroup - Alston, Pauline Ann Hoyle.

Annie Watkins (F)

     She married Robert Waters.


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