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Chatman Watkins (M)

     He married Sarah "Sallie" Graham after 1802.

Dolly Ann Watkins (F)

     She married Warren Helme Moffatt.


Children of Dolly Ann Watkins and Warren Helme Moffatt
Mary Tooker Moffatt+ b. 19 Mar 1836
Thomas Moffatt b. 3 Aug 1839, d. 8 Oct 1862
Albert Watkins Moffatt+ b. 15 Jul 1844, d. 15 Aug 1902

Florrie Cypert Watkins1 (F)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Florrie Cypert Watkins was the daughter of Allen Watkins and Dorothea Coody. She married Rev. Henry Almus Stroup at Searcy, White Co., Arkansas, on 25 December 1919. Her body was interred at Searcy, White Co., Arkansas, at Oak Grove Cemetery.


  1. [S139] Stroup - Alston, Pauline Ann Hoyle.

Harry Watkins (M)

     He married Bessie May Andrew.


John D. Watkins (M)

     John D. Watkins married Mary Deel, daughter of Henry Deel and Ruehemma Persifield, on 30 March 1841 at Botetourt Co., Virginia.


Mary Watkins1 (F)

     She married John Wesley Whitener.


  1. [S120] Whitener & Dellinger.

Thomas Buell Watkins1 (M)

     He married Grace McDonald at Cecilia, Hardin Co., Kentucky, on 14 December 1946.



  1. [S50] Don & Jeanine Hartman, FamilyHart Web Page.

Wendy Low Watkins1 (F)
b. 1951, d. 1951

     Wendy died in 1951. Wendy was born in 1951.



  1. [S27] John Philip Dellinger, Paul H. Dellinger.

William Patrick Watkins (M)
b. 17 July 1900

     He married Anna Belle Peden. William was born on 17 July 1900.


Child of William Patrick Watkins and Anna Belle Peden
(?) Watkins

Annie Inez Watson (F)
b. 3 May 1892, d. 16 July 1969

     Annie Inez Watson was born on 3 May 1892. She married John Keifer Temple, son of Preston Carroll Temple and Alice Ann Palmire Roselee Dellinger. Annie Inez Watson died on 16 July 1969 at age 77.


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