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Martha Matilda Watson (F)
b. 8 November 1837, d. 26 October 1925

     Her body was interred at Woodward, Fairfield Co., South Carolina. BURIED: Concord Presbyterian Cemetery. Martha was born on 8 November 1837. She married Robert Wade Brice on 28 February 1863. Martha died on 26 October 1925 at age 87.

Child of Martha Matilda Watson and Robert Wade Brice
Walter Scott Brice b. 17 Feb 1864, d. 22 Oct 1882

Rebecca Watson (F)
b. 1863

     Rebecca Watson In Apprentice bonds for Caldwell Co., N.C., a Rebecca M. Watson is listedas being 'an orpah aged 3 years May 3 1867' master J.M. Conley 20Apr. 1867. The same Rebecca? She was born in 1863 at Caldwell Co., North Carolina. She married Walter Edward Houck, son of Leander Houck and Anna Catherine Link, on 26 February 1882 at Caldwell Co., North Carolina.

Child of Rebecca Watson and Walter Edward Houck
Edgar Garlin Houck+ b. 16 Feb 1885, d. 11 Jul 1927

Eunice Watt (F)

     She married Joseph Dewees.


Child of Eunice Watt and Joseph Dewees
Thomas Dewees

James Watt (M)

     He married Margaret Bell.


Child of James Watt and Margaret Bell
Nancy Anne Watt+ b. 1821, d. 1900

Kingdom Romans Watt III1 (M)
b. 1944, d. 1987

     Kingdom was born in 1944. Kingdom died in 1987.



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Mary E. Watt (F)

     She married David H. Cherry.

Child of Mary E. Watt and David H. Cherry
W. J. Cherry b. 10 May 1868

Mary Jane Watt (F)
b. 15 March 1839, d. 25 January 1930

     Mary was born on 15 March 1839. She married Andrew John McQuiston at Drew Co., Arkansas, on 28 July 1890. Mary died on 25 January 1930 at age 90.

Nancy Anne Watt (F)
b. 1821, d. 1900
Pop-up Pedigree

     Nancy Anne Watt was born in 1821. She was the daughter of James Watt and Margaret Bell. She married John Glazier Rabb. Nancy Anne Watt died in 1900.


Children of Nancy Anne Watt and John Glazier Rabb
Jessie May Rabb+ b. 1 May 1853, d. 17 Dec 1903
Rev. Horace Rabb+ b. 27 May 1855, d. 16 Jan 1941

Samuel Watt (M)
d. 23 March 1806

     Samuel Watt married Catherine Rinker, daughter of Colonel Jacob Rinker and Mary Keller, on 6 January 1806. Samuel Watt died on 23 March 1806.

Allen Lee Watts (M)
b. 1904, d. 1982

     Allen Lee Watts was born in 1904 at Pennsylvania. He married Florence Cooper, daughter of James S. Cooper and Anna Mary Hollinger. Allen Lee Watts died in 1982.


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