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Hannah Wells (F)
b. 1654

     Hannah Wells was born in 1654 at England. She married Benjamin Franklin, son of Thomas Franklin, on 23 November 1683 at England.


Children of Hannah Wells and Benjamin Franklin
Samuel Franklin+ b. 15 Oct 1684
Jane Franklin b. 14 Sep 1687
Hannah Franklin b. 18 Nov 1689
Thomas Franklin b. 31 Aug 1692
Elizabeth Franklin b. 27 Oct 1694
Mary Franklin b. 23 Apr 1696
Benjamin Franklin+ b. 6 Aug 1696
John Franklin+ b. 8 Apr 1699
Joseph Franklin b. 27 Jan 1700
Josiah Franklin+ b. 3 Jan 1701/2, d. c 29 May 1776

Herbert Fulton Wells (M)
b. 16 March 1901, d. August 1905
Pop-up Pedigree

     Herbert was born at Spencer, Rowan Co., North Carolina, on 16 March 1901. He was the son of Absalom Bunker Wells and Minnie Rosalee Hunter. Herbert died in August 1905 at Knox Co., Tennessee, at age 4. His body was interred in August 1905 at Knoxville, Knox Co., Tennessee.

Isabelle Wells (F)

     Isabelle was born at Scarsdale, Westchester Co., New York. She married Robert Lowry Wylie at York Co., South Carolina, on 19 February 1939.


John Wells (M)
b. 10 March 1878, d. 16 April 1950

     John Wells was born on 10 March 1878 at Wiota, Lafayette Co., Wisconsin. He married Nellie A. Poff, daughter of Levi Henry Poff and Irene Adair, on 27 July 1899. John Wells died on 16 April 1950 at Wayne Twp., Monroe Co., Wisconsin, at age 72.


Children of John Wells and Nellie A. Poff
Cecila Wells
Leo Wells

John E. Wells1 (M)
b. circa 1875, d. after 1928

     John was born circa 1875. He married Alice Abigail Earp. John died after 1928.


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John R. Wells (M)
b. 1848
Pop-up Pedigree

     John R. Wells was born in 1848. He was the son of Phillip Wells and Frances "Fanny" Loughmiller. John R. Wells married Sarah Jane (?).


Children of John R. Wells and Sarah Jane (?)
Philllip Wells b. 1878
William H. Wells b. 1879, d. 1930

Jonas S. Wells1,2 (M)

Child of Jonas S. Wells
Susan Wells+ b. 5 Sep 1876, d. 29 Aug 1960


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Lavina Wells (F)

     Lavina Wells married John Rankin.


Child of Lavina Wells and John Rankin
Elizabeth Rankin b. 1860

Leo Wells (M)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Leo Wells was the son of John Wells and Nellie A. Poff.


Leonidas Wells (M)
b. 21 April 1859
Pop-up Pedigree

     Leonidas was born at Knoxville, Knox Co., Tennessee, on 21 April 1859. He was the son of George William Wells and Barbara Ann Lonas. He married Mary Jane Perrin at Knox Co., Tennessee, on 7 November 1885. Leonidas died at Bearden, Knox Co., Tennessee.

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