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Charles Wendell (M)
b. 22 July 1920, d. 8 May 1978

     Charles Wendell was born on 22 July 1920. He died on 8 May 1978 at age 57.


Harry Wenger (M)

     He married Olive (?).


Keri Nicole Wenger (F)
b. 17 February 1971, d. 22 April 1985

     DIED: Suicide. BURIED: County Cemetery. Keri was born at Wabash, Wabash Co., Indiana, on 17 February 1971. Keri died on 22 April 1985 at Littleton, Littleton Co., Colorado, at age 14. Her body was interred on 26 April 1985 at Littleton, Littleton Co., Colorado.

Elaine Ida Wenttang (F)
b. 6 January 1938, d. circa 1993

     Elaine was born at Washington, District of Columbia, on 6 January 1938. She died circa 1993; Elaine died of a heart attack.


Caroline Wentz1,2 (F)
b. 1855, d. 1933
Pop-up Pedigree

     Caroline was born in 1855. She was the daughter of George G. Wentz and Sarah Aughenbaugh. She married John D. Benedick. Caroline Wentz died in 1933.


Children of Caroline Wentz and John D. Benedick
Ellen Benedick b. 1877
Clara Benedick b. 1885


  1. One source has Caroline's last name as Aughenbaugh.
  2. [S53] Dellinger - Kattermann, Donald F. Billet.

Daniel Wentz (M)

     He married Eliza Snelbaker.


George G. Wentz (M)

     George G. Wentz married Sarah Aughenbaugh, daughter of Johannas Texter "Peter" Aughenbaugh and Sarah Naylor.


Child of George G. Wentz and Sarah Aughenbaugh
Caroline Wentz+ b. 1855, d. 1933

Katie May Wentz (F)

     Katie May Wentz married Harry Aughenbaugh, son of Henry Albert Aughenbaugh and Catherine Toomey, on 4 March 1911.


Wilhelmina Werder (F)

     She married Gilbert Augustus Flint.


David Eugene Werner1,2 (M)
b. 14 January 1925, d. 25 March 1929
Pop-up Pedigree

     David was born on 14 January 1925. He was the son of Eugene Werner and Lillie Dillinger. David died on 25 March 1929 at Streator, LaSalle Co., Illinois, at age 4.


  1. [S26] Hans Dellinger, Shirley Booker.
  2. [S115] Descendants of Philipp Dellinger, Paul Dellinger & Nard Cloninger.

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