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William E. Whitener1 (M)
b. 1856
Pop-up Pedigree

     William was born in 1856. He was the son of Phillip Whitener and Levina J. Searcey.


  1. [S120] Whitener & Dellinger.

George H. Whitescarver (M)
b. May 1868, d. 1956

     George H. Whitescarver was born in May 1868 at Taylor Co., West Virginia. He married Ella Brake, daughter of J. Hyre Brake and Narcissa Bailey, in 1892. George H. Whitescarver was buried in 1956 at Heavner Cemetery, Buckhannon, Upshur Co., West Virginia. He died in 1956.


Louisa Whitesel (F)

     Louisa Whitesel married James Wesley Stewart.


Child of Louisa Whitesel and James Wesley Stewart
Retha Eugenia Stewart+ b. 9 Oct 1907

Mary Whitesel (F)

     Mary Whitesel married William Collins.


Child of Mary Whitesel and William Collins
Anna May Collins+ b. 1883, d. 1929

Annie Whiteside (F)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Annie Whiteside was the daughter of Thomas Wylie Whiteside and Mariba Elizabeth Betts. She married G.A. Buchanan.


Child of Annie Whiteside and G.A. Buchanan
Elizabeth Buchanan+

Brownie Whiteside (F)

     She married Jackson McGill.


Child of Brownie Whiteside and Jackson McGill
Mary Belle McGill+

Mattie Mae Whiteside (F)
b. 1901

     Mattie was born in 1901. She married George Fant Simpson at Chester Co., South Carolina, on 18 March 1942.


Thomas Wylie Whiteside (M)

     He married Mariba Elizabeth Betts.


Child of Thomas Wylie Whiteside and Mariba Elizabeth Betts
Annie Whiteside+

Clarence Whitesides1 (M)

     He married Katherine E. Stroupe.


  1. [S122] Descendants of John Teeter Beam, James Beam.

Elijah Whitesides (M)
b. 16 August 1867, d. 23 December 1951

     Elijah Whitesides was born on 16 August 1867. He married Barbara Candes Harrelson, daughter of James Franklin Harrelson and Margaret Amanda Dellinger. Elijah Whitesides died on 23 December 1951 at age 84.


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