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Rebecca Wilcoxen1 (F)

     Rebecca Wilcoxen married Maurice Morris.


Child of Rebecca Wilcoxen and Maurice Morris
Nathaniel G. Morris+ b. c 1816, d. 17 Aug 1839


  1. [S171] Sue Pearson Carpenter, "Descendants of Jurig Lochmiller".

Elizabeth Wilcoxson (F)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Elizabeth Wilcoxson was the daughter of John Wilcoxson and Sarah Cassandra Boone. Elizabeth Wilcoxson married Benjamin Cuthbert circa 1760 at Rowan Co., North Carolina.


Child of Elizabeth Wilcoxson and Benjamin Cuthbert
Daniel Boone Cuthbert+ b. c 1761, d. 5 Nov 1838

John Wilcoxson (M)

     John Wilcoxson married Sarah Cassandra Boone, daughter of Squire Boone and Sarah Morgan.


Child of John Wilcoxson and Sarah Cassandra Boone
Elizabeth Wilcoxson+

Anna Maria Wild (F)
b. circa 1758

     Anna Maria Wild married Tobias Seip. Anna Maria Wild was born circa 1758.


Felix Wild (M)

     He married Betsey Chesnut.

Maria Wildanger (F)

     Maria Wildanger married Johannes Hamman.


Child of Maria Wildanger and Johannes Hamman
John Hammon

Barbara Wildasin1 (F)
b. 6 October 1747, d. July 1859

     Barbara was born on 6 October 1747. She married Andreas Rudisill. Barbara died in July 1859 at age 111.


  1. [S103] Hans Rudisill GEDCOM, e-mail address.

Robert Lee Wilder (M)
b. 24 April 1905, d. 22 April 1977

     Robert was born on 24 April 1905. He married Mellie Sargent. Robert died on 22 April 1977 at Baxter, Harlan Co., Kentucky, at age 71. His body was interred in April 1977 at Harlan Co., Kentucky, at Sargent Cemetery.


Anna Isabelle Wilders (F)
b. 2 July 1911, d. 3 March 1988
Pop-up Pedigree

     Anna Isabelle Wilders was born on 2 July 1911. She was the daughter of James Wilders and Annie Finnyrock. Anna Isabelle Wilders married Israel Jacob Billet, son of Harry Ellsworth Billet and Arsulla Frances Strausbaugh. Anna was listed as Israel Jacob Billet's wife on the 1920 Census at York, York Co., Pennsylvania. Anna Isabelle Wilders died on 3 March 1988 at York Co., Pennsylvania, at age 76.


Child of Anna Isabelle Wilders and Israel Jacob Billet
Betty Jane Billet+ b. 14 May 1932, d. 1 Jul 1976

James Wilders (M)

     James Wilders married Annie Finnyrock.


Child of James Wilders and Annie Finnyrock
Anna Isabelle Wilders+ b. 2 Jul 1911, d. 3 Mar 1988

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