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George Blakesley (M)

     He married Eliza Nestell Moffatt at Blooming Grove, Orange Co., New York, on 2 May 1855.


Laura Maria Blakesley (F)
b. 14 October 1812, d. 2 October 1856

     Laura was born on 14 October 1812. She married William Shaw Moffat at Westmoreland, Oneida Co., New York, on 15 September 1841. Laura died on 2 October 1856 at Dryden, Tompkins Co., New York, at age 43.

Children of Laura Maria Blakesley and William Shaw Moffat
Ellen Elizabeth Moffat
Harriet Louisa Moffat
Carrie May Moffat
Thomas Morris Moffat b. 30 Dec 1845, d. 20 Sep 1848

Ann Blakey (F)
d. 1811
Pop-up Pedigree

     Ann Blakey was the daughter of Charles Blakey and Susannah (?). She married Jacob Sharpless at Delaware Co., Pennsylvania, on 23 November 1748. Ann died in 1811 at Pennsylvania.


Children of Ann Blakey and Jacob Sharpless
John Sharpless
Susanna Sharpless
Nathan Sharpless
Lydia Sharpless
Joseph Sharpless
Jesse Sharpless
Ann Sharpless
Jane Sharpless
Martha Sharpless
Hannah Sharpless

Charles Blakey (M)

     He married Susannah (?).


Child of Charles Blakey and Susannah (?)
Ann Blakey+ d. 1811

Sarah Blakey (F)

     She married Robert Lowry Wylie in 1902.


Children of Sarah Blakey and Robert Lowry Wylie
Robert Lowry Wylie+
Sarah Elizabeth Wylie+
James Moffatt Wylie+
Susan Wylie+

(?) Blalock (M)


Calvin Blalock1,2 (M)

     Calvin Blalock married Dorothy Ada Dellinger, daughter of Junius Clarence Dellinger and Donna Bell Sellers.1,2



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Edward C. Blalock1,2,3,4 (M)

     He married Gussie Madora "Dora" Susan Dellinger.


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Lolla Mae Blalock1 (F)

     She married Otis Young.


Child of Lolla Mae Blalock and Otis Young
Terry Young d. 30 Dec 1979


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Cora Lee Blanchard (F)
b. 11 April 1867, d. 13 August 1897

     Cora was born on 11 April 1867. She married Henry Calvin Moffatt. Cora died on 13 August 1897 at age 30.


Children of Cora Lee Blanchard and Henry Calvin Moffatt
Anna Lee Moffatt b. 17 Dec 1888, d. 11 Mar 1889
Arthur Douglas Moffatt b. 23 Jun 1889, d. 6 Sep 1892
Paul Kirby Moffatt+ b. 1897

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