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William Wright (M)
b. 1870
Pop-up Pedigree

     William was born in 1870. He was the son of John Strong Wright and Emma Hunter. He married Rosa Baird.


Children of William Wright and Rosa Baird
Mary Wright
Naomi Wright

William Henry Wright (M)
b. 1884, d. 1942

     William Henry Wright was born in 1884. He married Bettie D. Lichliter, daughter of John Lemuel Lichliter and Sarah C. Zimmer. William Henry Wright died in 1942.


Child of William Henry Wright and Bettie D. Lichliter
William Lee Wright+ b. 1918, d. 1995

William Lee Wright (M)
b. 1918, d. 1995
Pop-up Pedigree

     William Lee Wright was born in 1918. He was the son of William Henry Wright and Bettie D. Lichliter. William Lee Wright died in 1995.


Willie Mae Wright1 (F)
b. 1915, d. 22 January 1947

     Willie was born at Russell Co., North Carolina, in 1915. She married Vernon Elbert Dellinger at Dickenson Co., Virginia, on 20 April 1931. Willie died on 22 January 1947 at Coeburn, Wise Co., Virginia.


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Edna Jane Writt (F)

     Edna Jane Writt married Andrew Jackson Corder.


Child of Edna Jane Writt and Andrew Jackson Corder
Elizabeth Corder+ b. Aug 1877

Ethel Louise Wurmest1 (F)

     Ethel Louise Wurmest married Carl Glen Rapp.1



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Katherine Augusta Wurster (F)

     Katherine Augusta Wurster married Clement Ray, son of Edwin Clement Ray and Mary Wakona Cummings.

Child of Katherine Augusta Wurster and Clement Ray
Edwin Clement Ray+ b. 15 Jun 1915, d. 18 Sep 1974

Anne Marie Wurtz (F)

     Anne Marie Wurtz married Jacques Selzer.


Child of Anne Marie Wurtz and Jacques Selzer
Anne Marie Selzer b. 26 Feb 1813

Elizabeth Wyand (F)
b. 14 October 1785, d. 23 July 1854

     Elizabeth Wyand was born on 14 October 1785 at Pennsylvania. She married Frederick Dellinger, son of Frederick Dellinger and Anna Maria Wolff, on 20 November 1809. Elizabeth was probably a free white female, age 16 and under 26, in Frederick Dellinger's household on the 1810 Census at Salsbury Hundred, Washington Co., Maryland. Elizabeth was listed as a household member living with Frederick Dellinger on the 1850 Census at Washington Co., Maryland. Elizabeth Wyand died on 23 July 1854 at Maryland at age 68. She was buried in July 1854 at Riverview Cemetery, Williamsport, Washington Co., Maryland.


Children of Elizabeth Wyand and Frederick Dellinger
Sarah Ann Dellinger+
Elizabeth Dellinger
Catherine Dellinger+ b. 8 Jan 1810
Lilla Dellinger b. c 1834

Earl Wyant (M)

     He married Della Wood.


Child of Earl Wyant and Della Wood
Jesse Wyant

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