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Joseph Stover Zea (M)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Joseph Stover Zea was the son of Joseph Zea. He married Elenora Grove. Lived in Washington, D.C.


Child of Joseph Stover Zea and Elenora Grove
Hugh White Zea+ b. 1875

Margaret Zeamer (F)
b. 19 October 1815, d. 1 March 1892

     Margaret Zeamer was born on 19 October 1815. She married Gilbert Rodman Hartley, son of Nicholas Hartley Jr. and Hannah (?), on 11 May 1837 at Columbia, Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania; Gilbert and Margaret were married by the Rev. John H. Symmes. Margaret Zeamer died on 1 March 1892 at age 76. She was buried in March 1892 at Lancaster Cemetery, Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania.


Children of Margaret Zeamer and Gilbert Rodman Hartley
Henry Hartley+ b. 24 Jul 1840
Margaret H. Hartley b. 25 Dec 1847, d. 18 May 1871

Jessica Ann Zearfoss (F)
b. 14 July 1978, d. 25 July 1978

     Jessica Ann Zearfoss was born on 14 July 1978. She died on 25 July 1978 at age 0.


Clarence Zech (M)

     Clarence Zech married (?) Daron, daughter of Samuel Daron and Rebecca (?).


Hamilton Zech1 (M)

     He married Hannah Erwin circa 1874.



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Lydia Zech1 (F)

     She married Jacob Boyer.


Children of Lydia Zech and Jacob Boyer
Emanuel Boyer+
Selam Boyer+ b. 1865, d. 17 Nov 1934


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John Zedeker (M)

     John Zedeker married Margaret (?).


Child of John Zedeker and Margaret (?)
Lewis Zedeker b. c 1804

Lewis Zedeker (M)
b. circa 1804
Pop-up Pedigree

     Lewis Zedeker was born circa 1804. He was the son of John Zedeker and Margaret (?). Lewis Zedeker married Sophia Bail, daughter of John Baile and Margaret "Hannah" Murray, circa 1832. Lewis was listed as the head of a family on the 1870 Census at South Strabane Twp., Washington Co., Pennsylvania.


Berlin Robert Zehring (M)
b. 20 December 1915, d. 28 September 1992
Pop-up Pedigree

     Berlin Robert Zehring was born on 20 December 1915. He was the son of Casper Zehring and Minnie Stark. Berlin Robert Zehring married Rosanna Rebecca Ryman, daughter of Lewis Franics Ryman Sr. and Daisy Virginia Coffelt, on 9 August 1935. Berlin Robert Zehring died on 28 September 1992 at age 76.

Casper Zehring (M)

     Casper Zehring married Minnie Stark.


Child of Casper Zehring and Minnie Stark
Berlin Robert Zehring+ b. 20 Dec 1915, d. 28 Sep 1992

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