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James Harry Boyce (M)
b. 1 November 1889, d. 21 March 1944
Pop-up Pedigree

     James was born at Cleveland Co., Arkansas, on 1 November 1889. He was the son of Thomas Gilmore Boyce and Agnes Jane Peoples. He married Willie Plaxico on 30 May 1917. James died on 21 March 1944 at Charlotte, Mecklenburg Co., North Carolina, at age 54.


John Kirkpatrick Boyce (M)

     He married Martha Betts.


Children of John Kirkpatrick Boyce and Martha Betts
William O. Boyce
Reese Boyce
(?) Boyce
(?) Boyce
(?) Boyce
(?) Boyce
(?) Boyce
(?) Boyce

John Mason Boyce (M)
b. 4 September 1879
Pop-up Pedigree

     John Mason Boyce was born on 4 September 1879. He was the son of John Miller Boyce and Eleanor Euphemia Strong.


John Miller Boyce (M)
b. 23 November 1848, d. 22 July 1879

     John Miller Boyce was born on 23 November 1848. He married Eleanor Euphemia Strong, daughter of John Mason Strong Dr. and Rachel Eleanor Harris, on 20 December 1870. John Miller Boyce died on 22 July 1879 at South Carolina at age 30. He was buried in July 1879 at Blackstock Cemetery, South Carolina.

Child of John Miller Boyce and Eleanor Euphemia Strong
John Mason Boyce b. 4 Sep 1879

John William Boyce (M)

     John William Boyce married Minnie Viola Dodson, daughter of Jacob Frederick Dodson and Julia Elmo Dyke.


Margaret Maria Boyce (F)
b. 4 November 1898, d. 30 September 1965
Pop-up Pedigree

     Margaret Maria Boyce was born on 4 November 1898 at Tipton Co., Tennessee. She was the daughter of Thomas Gilmore Boyce and Mary Lois Martin. Margaret Maria Boyce died on 30 September 1965 at Greenwood, Greenwood Co., South Carolina, at age 66.


Margaret Scott Deborah Boyce (F)
b. circa 1835

     Margaret was born circa 1835. She married John Simonton Douglas at Fairfield Co., South Carolina, on 3 January 1855.

Children of Margaret Scott Deborah Boyce and John Simonton Douglas
William B. Douglas b. 11 Apr 1856, d. 26 Apr 1916
Antoinette Douglas b. 1857
Charles A. Douglas b. 1859
Nannie Douglas b. Jun 1860, d. 28 Oct 1861
Louisa Douglas b. 1861
James Calvin Douglas Rev.+ b. 27 Feb 1863, d. 14 Jun 1900
John Scott Douglas b. Nov 1863, d. 24 Sep 1864
Eugenia Douglas b. 1865
Robert Scott Douglas b. 1867
Edward Douglas b. 1871
Albert Douglas b. 1873
John Willoughby Douglas Dr.+ b. 7 May 1876, d. 3 Jan 1951
Joseph Douglas b. 1879
John S. Douglas b. 1886, d. 6 Oct 1887

Moffatt Grier Boyce (M)
b. 3 February 1900, d. 8 July 1975
Pop-up Pedigree

     Moffatt Grier Boyce was born on 3 February 1900 at Tipton Co., Tennessee. He was the son of Thomas Gilmore Boyce and Mary Lois Martin. Moffatt Grier Boyce married Annabel Schaefer, daughter of John Jacob Schaefer and Elizabeth Uhl, on 3 August 1932. Moffatt Grier Boyce died on 8 July 1975 at age 75.


Nannie Boyce (F)
b. 12 January 1847, d. 31 January 1906

     Her body was interred at Woodward, Fairfield Co., South Carolina. BURIED: Concord Cemetery. Nannie was born on 12 January 1847. She married Thomas William Brice Major on 22 February 1866. Nannie died on 31 January 1906 at age 59.

Children of Nannie Boyce and Thomas William Brice Major
Nancy Brice
John Moore Brice b. 1867
Walter Boyce Brice b. 11 Feb 1869, d. 18 Feb 1883
Robert Miller Brice b. 18 Jul 1870, d. 5 Dec 1906
Thomas W. Brice+ b. 17 Jun 1872, d. 18 Aug 1956
Laurence M. Brice b. 8 Dec 1874, d. 17 Sep 1913
Samuel M. Brice b. 5 Jan 1876, d. 3 Feb 1927
James Boyce Brice b. 14 Feb 1877, d. 22 Dec 1958
Joseph Brice b. 14 Feb 1877

Ralph Raymond Boyce1 (M)
b. 6 November 1912, d. 23 February 1978

     Ralph was born on 6 November 1912. He married Erma Irene Clem. Ralph died on 23 February 1978 at age 65. His body was interred in February 1978 at Frederick Co., Virginia.



  1. [S81] Rinker - Dellinger, Eleanor Rinker Migliore.

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