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Henrietta Brown (F)
b. 26 March 1816, d. 12 July 1850

     She married Hugh Elliott. Her body was interred at Preble Co., Ohio. BURIED: Hopewell Cemetery. Henrietta was born on 26 March 1816. Henrietta died on 12 July 1850 at age 34.

Child of Henrietta Brown and Hugh Elliott
Harriett Elliott b. 1838

Henry Brown (M)

     He married Della Lou Willingham.


Captain I. P. Brown1 (M)

     He married Emma Adelia McFarland in 1867.



  1. First name has also been given as Joel.

Jacob Martin Brown (M)
b. 23 July 1880, d. 5 April 1960

     Jacob Martin Brown was born on 23 July 1880 at Watauga Co., North Carolina. He married Lillie Dale Dellinger, daughter of Lorenzo Dow Dellinger and Annabeor Delia McCaul, on 21 November 1907 at Asheville, Buncombe Co., North Carolina. Jacob Martin Brown died on 5 April 1960 at Fountain City, Knox Co., Tennessee, at age 79. He was buried in April 1960 at Lynhurst Cemetery, Fountain City, Knox Co., Tennessee.


Jacob N. Brown (M)

     He married an unknown person . Jacob was born at Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., Ohio.


Child of Jacob N. Brown
Nancy J. Brown+

James Brown (M)

     Lived in Conneautville, Pennsylvania. He married Helen Spangler on 28 November 1850.

Children of James Brown and Helen Spangler
Eugene L. Brown
Carrie B. Brown

James Brown (M)

     He married Martha Stormont.

Children of James Brown and Martha Stormont
Andrew Brown b. 26 Nov 1813, d. 21 Nov 1854
Esther Brown+ b. 3 Apr 1815, d. 17 Oct 1891

James Brown (M)

     He married Jennet Barbara Brown at Perry Co., Illinois, on 17 October 1839.

James Brown (M)

     James Brown married Luzena O. Scott, daughter of Isaac Tasswell Scott and Malinda Jane Green, on 3 July 1912.


Children of James Brown and Luzena O. Scott
(?) Brown+
(?) Brown+
Edith Juanita Brown+ b. 15 May 1913, d. 23 Nov 1998

James E. Brown (M)
d. 13 January 1902
Pop-up Pedigree

     James E. Brown was the son of William Carr Brown. He married Mary Elizabeth McDill at Chester Co., South Carolina, on 19 December 1900. James died on 13 January 1902.


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