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Morgan Bryan (M)

     Morgan Bryan married Martha Strode.


Children of Morgan Bryan and Martha Strode
William Bryan
Rebecca Bryan+ b. 9 Jan 1739, d. 18 Mar 1813
Martha Bryan b. 1747
David Bryan b. 1757, d. 1837

Nancy Bryan (F)
b. circa 1820

     Nancy Bryan was born circa 1820. She married John B. Shreve, son of Joseph Shreve and Elizabeth Brake, on 26 September 1850 at Lewis Co., West Virginia.


Children of Nancy Bryan and John B. Shreve
Richard Shreve d. 1863
Charles Shreve b. c 1853
Maybell Shreve b. c 1860

Ray A. Bryan (M)

     He married Ester L. Steffey.


Rebecca Bryan1 (F)
b. 8 April 1795

     Rebecca Bryan was born on 8 April 1795 at New Jersey.1 She married Levi Rakestraw, son of John Rakestraw and Parris Bunn, circa 1811.1


Children of Rebecca Bryan and Levi Rakestraw
Isaac Rakestraw+ b. 13 Mar 18121
Hannah Rakestraw b. 1814, d. 18781
Sarah Rakestraw+ b. 18 Oct 18161
Benjamin Rakestraw b. 19 Dec 18181
Harold D. Rakestraw b. 2 Oct 18211
Jane M. Rakestraw+ b. 18 Mar 1825, d. 19071
Elisha Rakestraw+ b. 13 Sep 18271
Rebecca B. Rakestraw b. 15 Nov 18311


  1. [S31] Rakestraw-Wyron, Dave Rakestraw.

Rebecca Bryan (F)
b. 9 January 1739, d. 18 March 1813
Pop-up Pedigree

     Rebecca Bryan was born on 9 January 1739 at Virginia. She was the daughter of Morgan Bryan and Martha Strode. Rebecca Bryan married Daniel Morgan Boone, son of Squire Boone and Sarah Morgan, on 14 August 1756 at North Carolina. Rebecca Bryan died on 18 March 1813 at age 74.


Children of Rebecca Bryan and Daniel Morgan Boone
James Boone b. 3 May 1757, d. 9 Oct 1773
Israel Boone b. 25 Jan 1759, d. 19 Aug 1782
Susannah Boone b. 2 Nov 1760, d. 1799
Jemina Boone b. 4 Oct 1762
Levina Boone b. 23 Mar 1766, d. 1803
Rebecca Boone b. 26 May 1768, d. 1805
Daniel Morgan Boone b. 23 Dec 1769
Jesse Boone b. 23 May 1773
Nathan Boone b. 3 Mar 1780

Rebecca Bryan (F)

     Rebecca Bryan married John Boone, son of Benjamin Boone and Ann Farmer.


Child of Rebecca Bryan and John Boone
Catherine Boone

Rebecca Ann Bryan (F)
b. 1857, d. 15 January 1917
Pop-up Pedigree

     Rebecca Ann Bryan was born in 1857 at Tennessee. She was the daughter of Daniel Cannon Bryan and Mary Ellen Glasscock. Rebecca Ann Bryan married Frederick L. Dellinger, son of Margaret Cynthia Dellinger, in July 1875; Likely married in Cocke Co., Tennessee. Rebecca was listed as Frederick L. Dellinger's wife on the 1880 Census at Cocke Co., Tennessee. Rebecca Ann Bryan died on 15 January 1917 at Tennessee; Rebecca died of typhoid fever.


Children of Rebecca Ann Bryan and Frederick L. Dellinger
Stephen O. Dellinger b. 1878, d. 1942
William O. Dellinger b. 1880
Robert Daniel Dillinger+ b. 23 Jun 1882, d. Sep 1965
Lloyd Blaine Dillinger+ b. 1883, d. 1937
James J. Dellinger+ b. 1891, d. 1949

William Bryan (M)
Pop-up Pedigree

     William Bryan was the son of Morgan Bryan and Martha Strode. William Bryan married Mary Boone, daughter of Squire Boone and Sarah Morgan.


(?) Bryant (M)


Children of (?) Bryant
Wymon Bryant
Dosha Edna Bryant+ b. 12 Jun 1902, d. 1 Jun 1982

(?) Bryant1 (M)

     He married Estelle Hensley.


  1. [S69] Henry George Dellinger, Randy Dellinger.

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