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Washington Buffenbarger (M)

     He married Mary "Polly" Goudy on 24 February 1831.

(?) Buffington (M)

     He married Margaret Little.


George Buffington (M)

     George Buffington married Mary Kramer.


Child of George Buffington and Mary Kramer
Thelma Trerisa Buffington+ b. 23 Apr 1918, d. 30 Oct 2002

Thelma Trerisa Buffington (F)
b. 23 April 1918, d. 30 October 2002
Pop-up Pedigree

     Thelma Trerisa Buffington was born on 23 April 1918 at Maryland. She was the daughter of George Buffington and Mary Kramer. Thelma Trerisa Buffington married Walter Earl Senft, son of Earl Elias Senft and Beulah Grace Dellinger, on 20 December 1941 at Taneytown, Carroll Co., Maryland. Thelma Trerisa Buffington died on 30 October 2002 at York, York Co., Pennsylvania, at age 84. She was buried in November 2002 at Mt. Rose Cemetery, Springgarden Twp., York Co., Pennsylvania.


Leroy Buford (M)
b. 1751, d. 16 December 1810

     He married an unknown person . Leroy was born in 1751. Leroy died on 16 December 1810.

Children of Leroy Buford
Susan Buford+
Priscilla Buford+ b. 1788, d. 5 Aug 1856

Mary Buford (F)
b. 1822

     Mary Buford was born in 1822 at Kentucky. She married Rev. James Monroe Chesnut circa 1841.


Children of Mary Buford and Rev. James Monroe Chesnut
Abraham Chesnut b. 4 Jul 1842
William Peasley Chesnut b. 14 Mar 1844, d. 21 Oct 1899
Mary Jane Chesnut b. 4 Jul 1845, d. 22 Jun 1903
James Monroe Chesnut Jr.+ b. Mar 1849
Bennett P. Chesnut+ b. 15 Jan 1851, d. 28 Sep 1912
Thomas Franklin Chesnut b. Mar 1855
Benjamin Chesnut b. 17 Apr 1856, d. 8 Oct 1863
Rebecca Chesnut b. 25 Nov 1858
Summers Chesnut b. Nov 1860
Lucy Chesnut b. c 1863
Helen Chesnut b. 1866

Patience Buford (F)

     She married William Stringfellow.


Child of Patience Buford and William Stringfellow
Amelia T. Stringfellow+ b. 1806, d. 8 Feb 1864

Priscilla Buford (F)
b. 1788, d. 5 August 1856
Pop-up Pedigree

     BURIED: Pleasant Springs Cemetery. Her body was interred at Kemper Co., Mississippi. Priscilla was born at Virginia in 1788. She was the daughter of Leroy Buford. She married William Gaston at Union Co., South Carolina, on 23 July 1805. Priscilla died on 5 August 1856 at Kemper Co., Mississippi.

Children of Priscilla Buford and William Gaston
Leroy Gaston Rev.
Frances Gaston
Hugh Dawes Gaston

Susan Buford (F)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Susan Buford was the daughter of Leroy Buford. She married James Ewing McFadden.


Child of Susan Buford and James Ewing McFadden
Mary Buford McFadden+ b. 15 Oct 1805, d. 7 Aug 1886

Clarence Edward Bugher (M)

     He married Fannie Mae Nelson.


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