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James Burke (M)

     He married Mary Sophia Wade after 1791.


James William Burke (M)

     He married Mary Elizabeth Toomey.


Katherine Burke (F)
b. 19 May 1919, d. 21 March 1943

     Katherine was born on 19 May 1919. Katherine died on 21 March 1943 at age 23.


Priscilla Juliette Burke (F)
b. 30 June 1822, d. 9 September 1892

     Priscilla was born on 30 June 1822. She married Ira Griffen Warnick at Macon Co., Illinois, on 17 April 1843. Priscilla died on 9 September 1892 at Macon Co., Illinois, at age 70. Her body was interred in September 1892 at Decatur, Macon Co., Illinois, at Salem Cemetery.

Child of Priscilla Juliette Burke and Ira Griffen Warnick
Juliette Augusta Warnick+ b. 27 Sep 1860, d. 24 Oct 1940

Walter Burke (M)

     He married Mary Josephine Campbell. His body was interred at Anderson, Madison Co., Indiana, at Maplewood Cemetery.


William W. Burke (M)

     William W. Burke married Zenna Mildred Brake, daughter of Major Lee Brake and Rhoda Ellen Lane, on 10 October 1949.


Adrin Burket1,2 (M)

     He married Etta M. Dellinger in 1921.


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  2. [S47] Peter & Elizabeth Hoover, Ruth Hoover Bowers.

Elizabeth Burket1 (F)

     She married William Hoover at Wayne Co., Indiana, on 24 June 1849.


  1. [S47] Peter & Elizabeth Hoover, Ruth Hoover Bowers.

Mary Burkett (F)

     She married James Wood on 21 November 1872.


Children of Mary Burkett and James Wood
Della Wood+
Mary Bell Wood
Lawrence Wood+
Ora Wood
Ruby Wood
Hazel Wood

Pearl Burkhalter (F)

     Pearl Burkhalter married Daniel Roy Shaw, son of Peter W. Shaw and Catherine N. Dellinger.


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