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Harriet Byrne (F)


Sarah Byrnes1 (F)

     She married James Donohew.

Child of Sarah Byrnes and James Donohew
Sylvester Donohue+


  1. [S60] Descendants of William L. Dellinger, Ruth Sturm.

Henry Duncan Byrom1 (M)
b. 1883, d. 1954

     Henry Duncan Byrom married Sula Ann Harbin, daughter of Warren Akin Alexander Harbin and Laura Ann Curtis.1 Henry Duncan Byrom was born in 1883.1 He died in 1954.1


  1. [S33] Hill-Daniel Genealogy Web Page,

Lance Edward Byron (M)
b. 1949, d. 27 October 1991
Pop-up Pedigree

     Lance Edward Byron was born in 1949 at Rochester, Monroe Co., New York. He was the son of Robert Peter Byron and Reta (?). Lance Edward Byron began military service. He died on 27 October 1991 at Phoenix, Maricopa Co., Arizona; Lance died from a heart attack. He was buried on 1 November 1991 at National Memorial Cemetery of Arizona, Phoenix, Maricopa Co., Arizona.


Robert Palmer Byron (M)

     Robert Palmer Byron died at Phoenix, Maricopa Co., Arizona.


Robert Peter Byron (M)

     Robert Peter Byron married Reta (?).


Child of Robert Peter Byron and Reta (?)
Lance Edward Byron+ b. 1949, d. 27 Oct 1991

Andreas Böhm (M)


Child of Andreas Böhm
Maria Barbara Böhm d. 7 Mar 1845

Maria Barbara Böhm (F)
d. 7 March 1845
Pop-up Pedigree

     Maria Barbara Böhm was the daughter of Andreas Böhm. Maria Barbara Böhm was born at Rohrbach, Sinsheim, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. She married Johann Conrad Holder, son of Johann Conrad Holder and Philippina Charlotta Seltzer, on 14 November 1786 at Dühren, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Maria Barbara Böhm died on 7 March 1845 at Dühren, Baden-Württemberg, Germany.


Edward Cadwalader (M)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Edward Cadwalader was the son of Calwalader Morgan and Jane Price.


Gwen Cadwalader (F)

     She married Robert William on 19 April 1691.


Children of Gwen Cadwalader and Robert William
Elizabeth William
Ellis William d. 1756
Hannah William
Lewis William
John William
William William
Ann William+ b. 1700
Grace Willam b. 1707
Sarah William b. 1712

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