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Alice Camper (F)

     Alice Camper married John Deel, son of Samuel Deel and Mary Brubaker.


Clarence Marion Canada (M)
b. 20 December 1909, d. 16 March 1974

     Clarence was born at Shannondale, Indiana, on 20 December 1909. Clarence died on 16 March 1974 at Bay Pines, Pinellas Co., Florida, at age 64.


Mattie Eva Canada (F)

     She married William Columbus Jones.

Child of Mattie Eva Canada and William Columbus Jones
Hattie Bertha Jones+ b. 6 Nov 1883, d. 24 Mar 1963

Pearl Canada (F)

     She married Lee Acuff.


George Canaday (M)

     George Canaday married Mabel Chesnut, daughter of Jonathan David Chesnut and Martha Nicholson.


Alice Zora Canady1 (F)
b. 28 December 1869, d. 9 May 1951
Pop-up Pedigree

     Alice was born on 28 December 1869. She was the daughter of Laban Kennedy and Margie Rhyne. She married William T. Dellinger at Gaston Co., North Carolina, on 8 November 1890. Alice was listed as the head of a family on the 1910 Census at Lincoln Co., North Carolina. Alice died on 9 May 1951 at age 81. Her body was interred in May 1951 at Ironton Twp., Lincoln Co., North Carolina, at Asbury Methodist Cemetery.

Children of Alice Zora Canady and William T. Dellinger
Avery Thomas Dellinger b. 28 Apr 1899, d. 26 Aug 1972
Carl William Dellinger+ b. 9 Mar 1902, d. 30 Apr 1959


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Elma Florence Canady (F)

     She married William McClish.


Child of Elma Florence Canady and William McClish
Bertie Roy McClish b. 16 Sep 1893, d. Dec 1981

Marilla Canady1,2,3,4,5 (F)
b. 1835, d. before 1915

     First name has been spelled Serilly, Servilla and Marilla. Her last name has been spelled Cannday, Canada, Canady and Kennedy. Marilla was born at Arkansas in 1835. She married Peter Franklin Dellinger at Barry Co., Missouri, on 29 March 1853. Marilla died before 1915.

Children of Marilla Canady and Peter Franklin Dellinger
Annie Dellinger
Sarah E. Dellinger b. 1855
Mary J. Dellinger b. 1856
Matilda Anna Dellinger+ b. 10 Mar 1859, d. 24 Mar 1925
Allie Dellinger b. 1871, d. 1895
William Franklin Dellinger+ b. 30 Aug 1873, d. 30 May 1965


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Spencer Andrews Canary (M)
b. 13 May 1874, d. 18 April 1951

     Spencer Andrews Canary was born on 13 May 1874. He married Lucy Lee Chaney, daughter of John Chaney and Sarah A. Dellinger, on 8 December 1903 at Bowling Green, Wood Co., Ohio. Spencer Andrews Canary was Spencer was the editor of the Bowling Green Sentinel-Tribune. He died on 18 April 1951 at Bowling Green, Wood Co., Ohio, at age 76.


Pearl Canipe1 (F)

     She married Zeb Dellinger.


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