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Martha Carey (F)
b. 1854

     Martha Carey was born in 1854. She married Simon Oscar Rakestraw, son of William Thomas Rakestraw and Eliza Jane Owens, on 7 November 1880.


Joe W. Cariker (M)

     Joe W. Cariker married Koren Keever, daughter of George Leroy Keever and Lochie Ella Byrd.


Josepha Carillo (F)
d. 15 June 1943

     Josepha Carillo married Walter Edward Houck, son of Leander Houck and Anna Catherine Link, on 17 June 1891 at Santa Barbara Co., California. Josepha Carillo died on 15 June 1943 at Ventura Co., California.

Children of Josepha Carillo and Walter Edward Houck
Alfred Edward Houck
Baby Girl Houck b. 13 Dec 1894
Walter Henry Houck b. 1 Oct 1896
Benjamin Joseph Houck b. 29 Nov 1898
Marjorie Marie Houck b. 5 Aug 1901

Audrey Carl (F)
b. 5 June 1927, d. 10 May 2000

     Audrey Carl was born on 5 June 1927 at Michigan. She married Robert Kenneth Lahr, son of Earl Lahr and Elsie Verda Hindman, on 12 March 1946 at Michigan. Audrey Carl died on 10 May 2000 at Bellvue, Michigan, at age 72.


Child of Audrey Carl and Robert Kenneth Lahr
Claude David Lahr b. 7 Nov 1947, d. 5 Jun 1969

Belle Carl (F)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Belle Carl was the daughter of Jere Carl and Adaline A. Weiser.


Catherine Carl (F)
b. circa 1761, d. 1840

     Catherine Carl was born circa 1761 at York Co., Pennsylvania. She married Peter Diehl Sr., son of George Diehl and Christianna Spengler, circa 1780. Catherine Carl died in 1840 at Botetourt Co., Virginia.


Children of Catherine Carl and Peter Diehl Sr.
Henry Deel+ b. c 1781
Mary "Polly" Diehl b. c 1784
Peter Diehl b. c 1786, d. c 1820
Christinah Deel b. 1790, d. a 1850
Samuel Deel+ b. 1794, d. Dec 1870

Harry Carl (M)

     Harry Carl married Caroline Amanda Shenk, daughter of John Shenk and Caroline Dellinger.


Jere Carl (M)

     Banker. He married Adaline A. Weiser on 10 January 1861.


Child of Jere Carl and Adaline A. Weiser
Belle Carl

Rosina Carl (F)

     Rosina Carl married Emanuel Wetzel.


Children of Rosina Carl and Emanuel Wetzel
Abigail Wetzel+ b. c 1822, d. 9 Dec 1874
Luciette Wetzel+ b. 14 Jan 1823, d. 4 Mar 1897

Juliane Margaretha Carle (F)

     Juliane Margaretha Carle married Johann Caspar Allgeier.


Child of Juliane Margaretha Carle and Johann Caspar Allgeier
Maria Allgeier+ b. 21 Sep 1775, d. 19 Oct 1834

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