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Effie Carr (F)
b. 23 September 1868, d. 2 December 1944

     Effie was born on 23 September 1868. She married James Calvin Knox on 25 September 1889. Effie died on 2 December 1944 at age 76. Her body was interred in December 1944 at Monticello, Drew Co., Arkansas, at Oakland Cemetery.


Children of Effie Carr and James Calvin Knox
Elizabeth Knox b. 1890
Virginia Densmore Knox+ b. 1892
Judge Robert Carr Knox b. 19 Apr 1892, d. 1947
James Calvin Knox Jr. b. 23 Oct 1892, d. 18 Jun 1895
John Milton Knox b. 23 Oct 1893, d. Apr 1952
(?) Knox b. 30 Apr 1906, d. 30 Apr 1906
Effie Carr Knox b. 1907, d. 1977

Flora Etta Carr (F)

     She married Walter Roberts.

Child of Flora Etta Carr and Walter Roberts
Hazel Fern Roberts+ b. 28 Aug 1897, d. 19 Feb 1976

Hazel Garland Carr (F)

     Hazel Garland Carr married Lloyd Earl McClelland, son of William Henry McClelland and Elvice Lizetta Shigley, on 15 June 1921 at South English, Keokuk Co., Iowa.


Jacob Carr (M)
b. 1806, d. 1871

     He married Elizabeth Jourdan. Jacob was born in 1806. Jacob died in 1871.

Child of Jacob Carr and Elizabeth Jourdan
William Thomas Carr+ b. 11 Apr 1848, d. 29 Feb 1928

Lillian Mae Carr (F)

     Lillian Mae Carr married Elwood Ryman, son of Lewis Franics Ryman Sr. and Daisy Virginia Coffelt.


Lydia Carr (F)
b. 1864

     Lydia was born at Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee, in 1864. She married Charles Luther Moffatt at Tullahoma, Coffee Co., Tennessee, on 10 June 1889.


Children of Lydia Carr and Charles Luther Moffatt
Augustus Moffatt+ b. 1891, d. 1932
Sarah Kathrine Moffatt b. 1893, d. 20 May 1894
May Moffatt b. 1895
Fay Moffatt+ b. 1895, d. 1934
Charles Luther Moffatt Jr.+ b. 6 Feb 1899, d. 1 Aug 1971
Helen Lois Moffatt b. 1903, d. 1929
Pattie Moffatt+ b. 1905, d. 1938

Mary Carr (F)
d. before 1 May 2007

     Mary Carr married Carroll A. Dellinger, son of John Augusta Dellinger and Velma Beatrice Mauck. Mary Carr died before 1 May 2007.


Rhonda Carr (F)

     She married Bezaleel Wells Johnson at Ohio on 11 November 1846.


Children of Rhonda Carr and Bezaleel Wells Johnson
William Johnson
Charles Johnson
Catherine Johnson
Jane Johnson b. 21 Jul 1850
Lillie Johnson b. 4 Jan 1868
Benjamin Johnson b. 10 Apr 1870

Rosanna Carr (F)
d. 1849

     Rosanna Carr married Benjamin Kirk, son of Philip Kirk and Esther Worrall, on 1 February 1798. Rosanna Carr died in 1849.


William Thomas Carr (M)
b. 11 April 1848, d. 29 February 1928
Pop-up Pedigree

     William was born at Jacksonburg, Wayne Co., Indiana, on 11 April 1848. He was the son of Jacob Carr and Elizabeth Jourdan. He married Mary Catherine Yarling at Tipton Co., Indiana, in 1871. William died on 29 February 1928 at Hobbs, Tipton Co., Indiana, at age 79.

Child of William Thomas Carr and Mary Catherine Yarling
Carrie Carr+ b. 12 Sep 1883, d. 30 Nov 1983

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