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[S2] Susan Strong Hall Roger Dellinger. Friday, 8 January 1999 442 Suzanne Drive Jacksonville, FL 32218. in possession of.

[S3] Donald K. Matson., Rose Hill Cemetery 1821-1976 (Monroe Co. Genealogical Society).

[S4] Rachel Rice., Monroe Co. Marriage Records: August 1818 - November 1881 (Monroe Co. Historical Society).

[S9] Jorg Philipp Dellinger - Maria Ferry Family Group Sheet, prepared 14 August 1997 by Wayne Kuntze, 1 S. 700 Blakewood Ct. Winfield, IL 60190-1726 (630) 293-3162 e-mail address.

[S13] Adda Wilson to her neices and nephews, A copy is in my possession.

[S16] Posting on the Dellinger GenForum,, by Tamra Sluder. E-mail e-mail address.

[S18] E-mail from Kelly Rice, e-mail address on 25 March 1999.

[S19] Posting on the Dellinger rootsweb forum on 18 July 1996. Sue's address is 3905 Edgewater Dr., Vermilion, OH 44089 and her e-mail address is: e-mail address.

[S24] Anthony Haines - Susannah Family Group Sheet, 7 May 1999.

[S37] Richard M. Dellinger Roger Dellinger. 31 May 1999 e-mail address. Roger Dellinger.

[S38] Mary Perkinson e-mail address. 27 June 1999 e-mail address. e-mail address.

[S40] Frederick Dellinger and Sarah Hudson Family descendancy report, Linda L. Varney, 375 Harmony Lane Edinburg, Virginia 22824.

[S42] Sandy Kauffman Bates e-mail address. Two e-mails, the first one was dated 5 September 1999 and a second one dated the following day. e-mail address.

[S45] Notes from Margaret M. Haynes on the descendants of George Dellinger and his wife Barbara Hockman. These notes were forwarded from my uncle, Thomas Baynes Dellinger.

[S47] Ruth Hoover Bowers, The Descendants of Peter and Elizabeth Hoover, Wayne County, Indiana.

[S49] Elaine Lahr Cunningham Roger Dellinger. 26 December 1997 e-mail address.

[S51] Margaret M. Haynes e-mail address. 1 December 1999 e-mail address.

[S54] Thomas J. Dellinger Roger A. Dellinger. 10 September 1999 e-mail address.

[S57] Bruce Nicholas Roger Dellinger. 6 February 1992 Raleigh, North Carolina.

[S58] Charles M. Otstot e-mail address. 7 June 1999 e-mail address.

[S59] Henry Dellinger and Rebecca Bechtol Descendancy Report, 12 January 2000 Thomas John Dellinger, e-mail address.

[S67] Jan Dellinger Woltz e-mail address. 20 January 2000 e-mail address.

[S72] Posting on forum on 6 October 1999 by e-mail address.

[S77] 25 May 1999 posting by Margaret Ponder, e-mail address on the Dellinger GenForum at

[S80] Steve Dellinger e-mail address. 9 February 2000 e-mail address.

[S83] Kelly E. Rice Roger Dellinger. 20 May 1999 e-mail address.

[S86] Pam Yates' genealogy web page located at Pam's e-mail address is: e-mail address.

[S89] Bob Robins e-mail address. 8 March 2000 e-mail address.

[S90] Thomas J. Dellinger Roger Dellinger. 9 March 2000 e-mail address.

[S91] Eleanor Rinker Migliore Roger Dellinger. 10 March 2000 e-mail address.

[S94] Eleanor Rinker Migliore Roger Dellinger. 19 March 2000 e-mail address.

[S101] Joy Jessee Malone e-mail address. 27 April 2000 e-mail address.

[S105] e-mail address, GEDCOM file detailing the descendants of Thomman Rudisuli and Bartel Rhyne found on

[S106] Pauline Hoyle Roger Dellinger among others. 11 May 2000 203 S. Walnut St., Warren, AR 71671 e-mail address: e-mail address.

[S109] Bob and Jan Woltz e-mail address. 26 June 1999 e-mail address.

[S110] Alfred Nixon, In Memoriam: John Barnett Smith (Press of the Lincolnton Journal).

[S116] Ann Dellinger e-mail address. 12 June 2000 e-mail address.

[S117] Paul H. Dellinger Roger Dellinger and others. 12 May 1999 e-mail address.

[S120] Web page located at details the decendants of Johannes D. Wilfong Whitener and Margaretha Dellinger.

[S131] Gordon L. Pattison Roger Dellinger. 4 March 1998 e-mail address.

[S136] Freda Reedy e-mail address. 7 August 2000 e-mail address.

[S139] Pauline Ann Hoyle, "Henry Don Stroup and Emeline Della Alston," 26 June 2000 (e-mail address).

[S146] Mavis Wise.

[S148] Anne B. Musser, "unknown title," e-mail message from e-mail address (unknown address) to Roger Dellinger, 15 July 1999. Hereinafter cited as "15 July 1999 e-mail".

[S151] Dorothy Rosenow, unknown subject in "Katherine (Katie) Dellinger", listserve message to e-mail address, 22 Nov. 2000. Printout dated 12 Dec. 2000.

[S157] As Our Tree Branches, online

[S165] Ruth Ann Marshall, online e-mail address, unknown author (unknown location), downloaded 10 Jan 2001.

[S166] Pamela Taylor, "13 Jan 2001 e-mail message for Pamela Taylor to the e-mail address group concerning Pamela's great-great grandfather John W. Dellinger.," e-mail message from e-mail address (unknown address) to e-mail address, 13 January 2001. Hereinafter cited as "13 Jan 2001 e-mail from Pamela Taylor".

[S177] Margaret Haynes, "E-mail message from Margaret Dellinger Haynes, e-mail address, on 19 March 2001 to the e-mail address, detailing the family of Windfield S. Dellinger and his daughter, Betty, who married Perry Hillsman Allen.," e-mail message from e-mail address (unknown address) to e-mail address, 19 March 2001. Hereinafter cited as "19 March 2001 email from Margaret Haynes".

[S180] One, The Canadochly Lutheran Church and Canadochly Reformed Church of Lower Windsor Twp., York Co., Pennsylvania baptism records., unknown repository, unknown repository address. Hereinafter cited as Canadochly Church Baptisms.

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