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Miscellaneous Wills
Relating to Tinlin, Tinline and Tinling


On this page I will give excerpts from wills I have in my possession which relate to a Tinlin, Tinline or Tinling, but will not type them in full.


From the 1778 will of Thomas Staunton, Esquire, father-in-law of Mary Tinling Staunton:


He was living in the Parish of St. Margaret in the City of Westminster when he wrote the will.

“having lately to my unutterable Grief lost my worthy, my ____ dear and only Son”

Desires to be buried in the Parish Church of Little Samford, Essex near his dear wife.

Bequeaths to the Reverend John Taylor of _hicoock (?) in the County of Middlesex, Doctor of Laws.

Bequeaths to William Burke of Great Gessingham in the County of Norfolk, Esquire.

Daughter Bettason (?) Staunton, unmarried.

Daughter Elizabeth Catherine Staunton, unmarried.

“my worthy friend Mrs. Mary Pith (? – Park?)”

“my Grandson and Heir at Law Thomas Staunton an Infant”

“Moreover should my daughter-in-law happen to be now with child”

“my daughter in law Mrs. Mary Staunton of whose Virtue and good nature I entertain a very high opinion, I leave her one hundred pounds to buy Mourning”

“my dear Sister Mrs. Ann Gunning” [per IGI, wife of Barnaby Gunning]

“my poor Relation Mr. George Barry”

“my friendly and generous [Hustoman?] Mrs. Ann Staunton of Waterdell (?)…since the death of my dear brother”

Servant Mr. John Gesselt (?).

Signed 19 May 1778, witnesses Jos Fox Senr., James Fox, Joseph Fox Junr.

Proved 5 Oct 1784 in London.


From the 1787 will of James Whorwood Adeane, Esq., father-in-law of Isaac Pattison Tinling:


Living in Harley Street, Cavendish Square, Middlesex at the time he wrote the will.

Makes his wife Ann Adeane his executrix and bequeaths everything he owns to her.

Signed 4 Jun 1787 – witnesses, James Wheatly, Francis Clarke, Thomas Hutchings.

Proved at London, 18 May 1802.


From the 1810 will of Bettenson Staunton, (half-?) sister-in-law of Mary Tinling Staunton:


Living in New Norfolk Street, Grosvenor Square, Middlesex, when she wrote the will.

She is a spinster.

Daughter and coheiress of Thomas Staunton, late of Abingdon Street, Westminster, Esquire, deceased.

Has land in Coane (?) Ballycourt (?), County Clare, and in the townlands of Rathmore or Raymore in County Rosscommon and in the town and county of Galway.

Bequeaths to Richard Terrick Stainforth of Hutton (Sutton?) Lodge near the City of Clod (? – Clock?), Esquire the (?) husband of my niece Mary Stainforth.  [Richard Terrick Stainforth lived in North Riding, Yorkshire at one time.]

The Revd Henry Woodcock of ___ Goldmarsh near Rumsey in Hants, Clerk, the husband of my niece Margaret Woodcock. [IGI – Margaret “Shaunton” married Henry Woodcock on 15 Jan 1807 at Huttons Ambo, Yorkshire.]

“My servant Elizabeth Poutyn (?)”

Bequeaths to Mrs. Elizabeth Dyer, Sir George Thomas Staunton bart & Lady Staunton his mother, “to my half sister Mary Staunton”, to Mrs. Maria Morley, to Mrs. Lucinda Ravan, “to my friend Miss Anna Maria Bartley”.

Signed 22 Mar 1810, executrix is Miss Anna Maria Bartley, witnesses Geoff Ashmore, Covent Garden; Bryce Combe, ditto; William Griffiths, Servant to the Testatrix.

Proved 8 Mar 1811 in London.


From the 1823 will of George Hyde Clarke, Esquire, father-in-law of Eliza Rochfort Clarke, daughter of Gen. George and Elizabeth (Tinling) Rochfort:


He was living in Grafton Street, Hay Hill, Middlesex, and Hyde, Chester, when he wrote the will.

Desires to be buried in his vault in the Chapel Yard of Denton (?) in Manchester, Lancashire.

“Sarah Lee now residing with me”

“my late Grand Aunt Mrs. Penelope Hyde”

“my reputed natural daughter Elizabeth Lee Clarke by the said Sarah Lee, who is now between fourteen and fifteen years of age”

Executors are David Lyon the Elder, John Watson, and David Lyon the Younger.

“my Grandson Edward Hyde Clarke” (under age 30)

“my Grandson George Rochfort Clarke” (under age 30)

“my two Granddaughters Daughters of my son George Clarke” (both under age 21)

“my natural son Hyde John Clarke who is a Master and Commander in His Majesty’s Navy”

“my worthy and good friend David Lyon of Portland place”

“Samuel Platt…my Gardener at Hyde”

“George Garlick…my Laborer at Hyde”

“my Goddaughter Emma Clarke the Daughter of the said Hyde John Clarke”

“my friend Mr. Nathan Sidebotham residing at Hyde”

“Neill Malcolm of Hanover Square in the County of Middlesex, Esquire” (apparently a business associate)

“Jemima Clarke otherwise Jemima Davis” (unmarried, but relationship not noted)

In regards to his estate Swanswick Plantation in Trelawney Parish, Jamaica:

                        Mentions Richard Grant of Russell place ffitzroy Square, Saint Pancras, Middlesex, Esquire.

            Mentions Nicholas Saubell of Devereux Court in the Strand, Middlesex, Gentleman.

                        Purchased land in Jamaica from Samuel Vaughan, Esquire.

            Mentions his slaves in Jamaica (but does not name any).

“Mrs. Rochfort the widow of General George Rochfort who is the Maternal Grandmother of my said last mentioned Grandson [George Rochfort Clarke] and Mrs. George Clarke the Mother of my said last mentioned Grandson”

“my Granddaughter Catherine Clarke the Eldest daughter of my said Son George Clarke”

“my Granddaughter Elizabeth Clarke the second daughter of my said Son George Clarke”

Signed 25 Jun 1823, witnesses C. J. Rugeron, 41 Mincing Lance; Geo. Grant, 8 Russell place; W. Wilson his Clerk

Proved 21 Jul 1824 in London and again 7 Mar 1825 in London.


From the 1826-32 will of Anne Adeane, mother-in-law of Isaac Pattison Tinling:


Living in Richmond, Surrey at the time she wrote the will.

Desires to be buried in Babraham, Cambridgeshire, in the vault in which her late husband was interred.

Bequeaths money to Rev. James Slade of Hetton le Moors “for his great kindness to me”.

Desires that a monument be erected at Babraham to her husband and her late dear son Robert Jones Adeane.

“my two daughters Margaret Osborne and Mary Anne Tinling”

Gives her house in Harley Street to her grandson Henry John Adeane.

Mentions the Mansion House at Babraham.

“my son in law the Bishop of Bath and Wells”

“my Grandson James Law”

“my Grandson Henry Law”

“my Grandson Robert Law”

“my Granddaughter Alice Law”

“my Grandson and Godson James Adeane Law”

“my Granddaughter Isabella Adeane”

“my Granddaughter Louisa Barlow, the wife of the Reverend Nat. (?) Barlow”

“my Great Grand-daughter Anne Adeane”

“my Grandson and Godson William ffrederick Tinling”

“my Granddaughter ffrances Tinling”

“my Granddaughter and God-daughter Anne Maria Powell”

“I give to Miss Mary Slade the daughter of the said James Slade”

Mentions the will of Ann Blunkett of Peckham, in the Parish of Camberwell, in the County of Surry, widow, “my grandmother”.

Mentions the will of Mary Blunkett of Peckham, “my Aunt, deceased”.

Bequeaths to Alexander Powell of Hurcott (?) House in the County of Wilts, Esquire.

Bequeaths her premises in Clifton, near Bristol, in the County of Gloucestershire to her daughter Mary Anne Tinling, after her death to go to Henry John Adeane.

Bequeaths to Miss Roberta (?) Warne (?), to Ebenezer Hollick of Whithesford (?) Lodge in the County of Cambridge, Esquire, Mrs. Hollick his wife, and their two daughters Anne Hollick and Caroline Tirkell, to Henry and Susan Wiggins his wife “in my service”.

Executor is her grandson Henry John Adeane.

Signed 13 Oct 1826, witnesses John Webster Upholder, Richmond, Surry; Edmd. Robinson; Wm. Parker Junr.; T. (?) Carty.

Second codicil in which she is living in St. James’ Square, Walcot, Somerset

Desires that the Rev. William Barlow of Weston Super Mare in Somerset should perform her funeral service in place of the Rev. James Slade.

Bequeaths her premises in Richmond, Surrey to her daughter Margaret Osborne, after her death to go to Henry John Adeane.

Mentions that her great-granddaughter Anne Adeane is the daughter of Henry John Adeane.

“my Granddaughters Joanna Powell, Jane Harkucss (?), and Margaret Law”

Bequeaths to Mr. and Mrs. Sloper of Gay Street, Bath.

Bequeaths to her servants Henry and Susan Wiggins and their daughter Susan Wiggins.

Signs last codicil on 2 Apr 1832, witnesses: Henry John Mank (?), ____ Bath; George Olive, Clerk to Sliford (?) Mant (Mank?); & Bruce ____ Bath.

Proved at London, 3 Jul 1832.


From the 1827 will of Mary Wyche (Waddington) Leheup, mother-in-law of Charles Stubbs Tinling:


She was living in Westgate Street, Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk when she wrote the will.

Executors are Reverend Henry Hastod (?) of Bury Saint Edmunds, Clerk and Reverend Thomas Ellis Rogers of Larkford, Suffolk, Clerk.

Bequeaths money to her two dear sisters (unnamed).

Bequeaths money to her servant Ruth Mills.

Bequeaths something to a Mrs. Alexander, but I can’t read it.

“my daughter Mary Susanna Tinling, now the wife of Charles Tinling, Esq.”

“my granddaughters Mary Elizabeth Cocksedge, Anne Merielina Cocksedge and Susanna Agnes Cocksedge”

Mentions her late husband.

Mentions Mrs. Godbold (?), “the late wife of John Godbold (?) of Bury Saint Edmunds, aforesaid Esquire deceased”

“my Grandchildren namely Mary Elizabeth Cocksedge, Anne Merielina Cocksedge, Susanna Agnes Cocksedge, Jane Esther Cocksedge, Mary Anne Cocksedge, Suzy (?) Ellen Ottara (?) Cocksedge, ffrances Louisa Cocksedge and Merielina Sophia Cocksedge and my grandson Michael Edward Rogers”

Signed 15 Dec 1827, witnesses Fran Eliz Reeve, D Edwards, Thos Rd Holmes

Proved 1 Feb 1828 in London


From the 1847 will of Augusta St. Clair, daughter of William and Augusta (Tinling) St. Clair:


She was living at No. 10 Albion Street, Hyde Park, London when she wrote the will.

“my Sister Louisa Matilda St. Clair”

“my two (?) Brothers Frances (?) Patteson St. Clair and David Latimer St. Clair”

Executor is Sir Edmund Antrobus Bt. of the House of ______

Signed 8 Nov 1847, witnesses Stephan Fagan, 9 Albion Street, Hyde Park; William Geddes, 7 ______, Hyde Park Square.

Stephen Fagan was a Doctor of Medicine.

“Augusta St. Clair, formerly of Brighton in the County of Sussex”

She was deceased before 17 Feb 1848.

Proved 21 Feb 1848 in London, her brother David being present.