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Lehman Documents

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Theresa Lehmann Estate Papers, March 1899

This transcript was taken from nearly unreadable Summit County Probate microfilm made from original documents which have apparently been destroyed. It could contain inaccuracies and missing words.

(Thanks, Kathie!)

Page 1

...by these present that I, Theresa Lehmann
widow, of Akron, Ohio, do make and publish this my last will and testament.

1st. I desire that all my debts and funeral expenses __ __ __ be paid out of my estate.

2nd. I give and bequeath to Saint Bernard's Catholic Church the sum of one hundred and fifty dollars (150.00) and direct that my Executrix hereinafter named shall pay twenty0five dollars (25.00) of said 150.00 to the priest to be used for masses for my soul and that the other One Hundred and Twenty Five dollars (125.00) shall be paid by my Executrix to the Priest to be used for the work and advancement of the Church.

3rd. I give and devise to Mary Ley (my Executrix herein after named) all the portion of Lot Number ninety-nine (99) __ the town plat of South Akron as surveyed by Joshua Henshaw which I may own at the time of my death the same to be held by said Mary Ley and her successors in trust for the use and profit of my son Andrew Lehmann and I direct that she and her successors in office hold the land Title to the same said Lot Number ninety-nine (99) until my son Andrew shal have permanently ended the use of intoxicating ___ move and has become temperate in habits and when my said son after shall have reformed his life, then I direct above mentioned Mary Ley, trustee, is authorized and directed to convey the property to said Andrew Lehman and in the event of the death of said Andrew with the vesting of the legal Title of said lot ___ ___ trustee is authorized and directed to convey the same to his heirs at Law.

4th. I give and devise to Frank Lehmann, my grandson

Page 2 his heirs and assigns forever the part of lot Number seventy-five (75) in the town plat of South Akron as surveyed by Joshua Henshaw which I now own, being the rear part thereof ___ having a frontage on Water Street of forty-eight (48) ft.

I further give and bequeath to said Frank Lehmann the sum of Eight Hundred Dollars (800.00).

5th. The balance of my estate of every character whatever shall be divided as follows:

One sixth to my daughter Theresa Lehmann (?)
One sixth to my grandson Frank Lehmann
One sixth to my daughter Mary Ordsheid
One sixth and fifty dollars to my granddaughters Sadie and Anna Lehmann to be divided equally between them. It being the intention ___ said Sadie and Anna Lehmann shall receive said Fifthy dollars (50.00) instead of the ___ of my property ___ the other legatees herein named.
One sixth to my son Louis
One sixth to Mary Ley in trust for my said son Andrew, to be held by her in the said manner and upon the same terms as the property bequeathed to him in Item 2nd.

In retaining the valid dawery of what my estate be after the ___ of the specific legatees mentioned in item 2nd ___ and ___ my Executrix should take into consideration the amount of money ___ ___ which any of my legatees therein mentioned to me own ___ at the time of my decease, and the amount, if any, in which they are indebted to me shall be treated as an advancement and detracted from the one sixth which is herein bequeathed to them.

7th. I hereby appoint and ___ Mary Ley, Executrix over my last will and testiment.

Page 3 In witness whereof I now hereinto set my hand this 17th day of February 1895.

<Signed> Theresa Lehmann.

There are several paragraphs of handwriting at the bottom of this page which have not been transcribed and are very hard to read.

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