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Welcome to our genealogy database. This Web Site contains a Database of over 47,500 descendants of early settlers in East Tennessee, Western North Carolina, and Northern Georgia that are inter-related.

We are primarily researching the following surnames and related families:
Allen, Allman/Almond, Atkins/Atkinson, Bain, Beard, Bibee, Boring, Corn, Curtis, Daniel, Edington, Eller, Fletcher, Gibson, Hall, Harris, Heddon, Helms, Henderson, Hicks, Hubbard, Ingram, Killian, Lee, Malone, Marr, Morgan, Morrison, Moses, Patterson, Ramey, Raper, Robinson, Rogers, Russell, Secrest, Shadden, Sherman, Simons, Smith, Stillwell, Swim (Swain), Tallent, Vaughn, Watson, Webb, Whitener (Weidner), and Wilson.
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Last Updated 1 Feb 2017

Disclaimer: Researchers please be aware that the information posted here has been accumulated from many different sources. Errors and discrepancies in information are regularly found, and are corrected as soon as documented. Please use the information as a starting point for further research, and do not accept as fact unless documented.

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Allman (Almond, Alman, Almon, Allmon)
Descendants of Nathaniel Almond (Alman) born ca 1730 in VA and died in NC.
Boring (Borin)
Descendants of John Doss Boring born ca 1799 in TN and died in Monroe County, TN.
Daniel (Daniels)
Descendants of William Daniel born ca 1782 in NC and died in Union County, GA.
Descendants of Susannah "Sukey" Eller born ca 1787 in NC and died Feb 1864 in Rabun County, GA.
Helms (Helm)
Descendants of Legate Helms born ca 1807 in NC and died in Monroe County, TN.
Descendants of John B. Hicks born 1745/50 MD moved to Sevier Co, TN abt 1790
Descendants of Andreas Killian born ca 1702 in Renhish, Bavaria and died in Catawba County, NC.
Descendants of Captain Thomas Lee born 1735 NC died 1811 in Hawkins County, TN.
Marr (Marrs)
Descendants of James Marr born 1755 SC whose descendants moved to Monroe and McMinn Counties, TN.
Descendants of George Patterson born 1729 VA died about 1803 in York County, SC.
Raper (Rapier)
Descendants of Henry Raper born about 1590 died in York, England.
Shadden (Sheddan)
Descendants of James Sheddan/Shadden born 1735/40 prob. VA whose descendants moved to TN.
Descendants of William R Smith born 1837 died 1900 in Monroe County, TN.
Descendants of Enoch Swim born about 1805 NC lived in Union County, GA.
Descendants of William H. Hubbard born abt 1828 in TN. Also Frank Vaughn born about 1870 married Ella Hubbard 1891 in Hardin County, TN.
Descendants of Robert David Watson born 1785 SC died 1854 Monroe County, TN.
Descendants of Andrew Jackson Wilson born about 1797 NC married Rachel McGee son lived Union County, GA.

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